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Common questions

We are a multi-financial cryptobroker. You can use our trading platform just like an exchange and trade different assets. However, in comparison to an exchange, our cryptobroker has four distinctive features:

  1. You can trade any financial instruments on the same account (Forex, Precious Metals, Shares, Indexes, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies).
  2. All transactions are executed with the premium leverage. It means that you can buy and sell any asset that exceeds your own funds by 100 times or even 500 times.
  3. You can earn on both increase and decrease of the prices for the trading assets. At any given moment you can sell any of 200+ financial instruments on our platform. It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually own that one particular asset. The broker will automatically provide it to you. After your order is closed, the financial result is accrued to your account.
  4. CFDs, or contracts for difference, are used for trading. In other words, when you are buying or selling assets, you don’t actually purchase them. You only earn on the price changes for these instruments.

You are welcome to find the Comparison table of LH-Crypto, crypto exchanges and brokers in our article.

It is extremely problematic to offer trading opportunities with high leverage, especially for such highly volatile instruments as cryptocurrencies. We have managed to solve this issue by using the following two factors:
  1. Unique solution for managing liquidity from our technical partner, Larson&Holz company;
  2. Large and regularly replenished cryptocurrencies funds, which have started replenishing back in 2017, during our ICO for the first cryptobroker.
Yes, you are welcome to register a free demo account and trade without any risks whatsoever..

However, please remember that the funds on demo accounts are virtual and cannot be withdrawn. Demo accounts are used solely for training your trading skills

Moreover, demo accounts do not participate in the traders contest.

Please note that technical support does not support clients who are trading on demo accounts.

The more volatile the instrument, the higher your potential profits. However, in this case, it is not only risk that grows but also the trading expenses (i.e. commission for opening trades).

Crypto-instruments are the most volatile. Forex instruments are the least volatile. Shares, precious metals and commodities are somewhere in between.

For a beginner level, we would recommend instruments that bear the lowest risks - Forex and precious metals..

We are holding continuous monthly contests for those traders who are trading on the real accounts with balances of at least 100 EUR. No special registration is required. Please see more details here.

Yes, we have several types of affiliate programmes.

The basic programme is designed for attracting clients online.

There is also a special offer for partners who want to open a representative office or a call-centre and acquire clients both online and offline.

We pay up to 80% of commissions for each trading deal. The amount of these payments depends on the amount of raised funds.

Find here more details on our partnership programmes.

Open an account

An e-mail with activation link should arrive into your inbox within 24 hours. Please do not forget to check you Spam box. In case a confirmation e-mail has not arrived within 24 hours, please register again using another e-mail.

If you have forgotten your password for the Personal Area, you can reset it automatically using the e-mail address you have indicated in your initial registration form.

If you have forgotten the password for your trading account and you are an active client, that is you have open trades with our company, the total balance of your account exceeds 500 EUR and less then 3 months have passed since your last order, you can use the urgent password reset. For urgent password reset please write a request, sign it and upload a scanned copy to your Personal Area.

If you lost your password for both your trading account and Personal Area, and you have not logged in for a while, password reset may take much more time. A support office operator would need to conduct a special interview with you to make sure no third parties gain access to your account. You will also be asked to send some documents by both e-mail and regular mail. Every case is dealt with on an individual basis.

No documents are required for a Start account; filling in the registration form is enough.

If you want to upgrade your service to Standard level, you need to upload a scan of your ID and self pic with your face and opended passport, held near to the Personal Area. You also need to sign the Client Agreement and upload the signed page to the Personal Area.

PRO service requires proof of address, for example a utility bill with your name and address on it.

The difference is in the minimum deposit requirements and the KYC terms (i.e. documents provided by the client).

Start service has the most basic requirements. If you choose this service, you can start trading right away upon completing your registration. There is no limit on the minimum deposit. Technically, you start makeing deals with micro-lots for several instruments (for example, EUR/USD), even if your account balance is equivalent to 10 EUR.

With Standard service, you need to upload your ID documents and wait for them to be verified. The minimum deposit for this service is equivalent to 250 EUR.

These two services provide different leverage and different day limits for withdrawal. With a larger account balance, you can have higher leverage and your day limits for withdrawal are also higher. 

The commission for Standard service is reduced by 10%.

You are welcome to read more about our Services here.

PRO service is mainly aimed at institutional clients with large deposits who pay little attention to leverage.

This service has a maximum day limit for the automated funds withdrawal. A lower premium spread is also available for a number of instruments.

The cryptobroker can provide documentation required by some of the legal entity accounting departments.
The minimum account balance for this service is equivalent to 10 000 EUR. The PRO service users also need to provide a more extensive set of documents.

Also, the commission for the PRO service is reduced by 30%.

You can either open a new Standard account or upgrade your current Start account.

In order to upgrade your service, you need to upload required documents and fill in missing forms.

Please also make sure that your account balance meets the service requirements and replenish the account if necessary.

Deposit / Withdrawal

There is no minimum account size for the Start service.

Technically, you can make deals for some instruments (for example, EUR/USD) with as little as 10 EUR on your account. With the Start accounts, we recommend having at least 300 EUR on your deposit.

For Standard service the requirement is at least 250 EUR.

For Pro service it is equivalent to 10 000 EUR.

We accept payments in major cryptocurrencies – BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), XRP (Ripple), etc.

The list of accepted cryptocurrencies is constantly growing.

You can purchase cryptocurrencies on specialised exchanges, for example EXMO or numerous other exchanges.

Otherwise you can purchase them for cash on LOCALBITCOINS.COM.
It depends on the cryptocurrency you choose and the current network load. It may take as little as a couple of minutes or up to a few hours. On average, it takes about 2-3 minutes.

There are two modes of funds withdrawal: automated withdrawal and manual withdrawal which is processed by a support operator.

For automated mode, the withdrawal period depends on your cryptocurrency type and the network load. It may take several minutes or several hours. On average, it takes 2-3 minutes.

Manual mode is used for large amounts. It is processed by the cryptobroker’s support operator in response to a client’s request. The request processing period is up to three working days.

Funds withdrawal is available when there are no open trades on your account.

To activate withdrawal for newly-opened accounts, it is required to complete the minimum trading volume which amounts to 1 trading lot. To activate manual withdrawal, it is required to complete the minimum trading volume which amounts to 3 standard trading lots.

There are day limits for automated withdrawal which depend on the type of service you are using, as well as your current account balance. See more details on the limits here.

For both Standard and Pro services and for withdrawal amounts over 500 EUR, manual mode is available. There are no withdrawal limits in manual mode.

You can withdraw funds only in the same currency that you have used for the deposit.

However, you can open as many accounts as you wish, in as many different currencies as you wish.

The commission for deposit charged by your bank or payment system is fully compensated by the company (as the Compensation Bonus). Thus, the whole amount of deposit is accrued to the client's account safely and without losses.

Please note that the deposited bonus funds serve to encourage clients, stimulate their trading and maintain the margin requirement, The bonus funds cannot be withdrawn.

According to the terms of the "Stay at home" offer, a trader needs to complete two times smaller trading volume than for other bonus programmes. In this case, the trading volume required for withdrawal is equal to 5 trading lots for every 100 Euro of the accrued bonus.

Trading operations

Each service has access to a certain set of financial instruments. Please right-click on any instrument in Market Watch and choose “Show all symbols” in the menu.

Deals may not open for 2 reasons:
  1. Your service requires documents verification (for Standard and Pro services)
  2. In this case all you have to do is wait. If all the required documents have been uploaded to your Personal Area, the verification process may take from 24 to 72 hours.

  3. You are trying to open a deal for an excessively large volume.
  4. In this case you need to reduce the trading volume in your order or replenish your trading account.

You need to make one trading operation for any trading volume. After that an automated withdrawal will become available. Then you can withdraw funds back to your wallet.

For the accounts opened in offline representative offices, there is a requirement for withdrawal - 3 standard lots. If the minimum trading volume of 3 standard lots is not completed within 6 months, then the broker charges a one-time fee for the account maintenance. The fee is equal to 25 Euros per month for the accounts opened online and 100 Euro per month for the accounts opened with a company representative offline.

If the account was active at some point during these 6 months, but still has not met the required minimum, the one-time payment can be reduced proportionally. The maintenance fee is charged twice a year, on December 30th and on July 1st.
The maximum leverage is 1:500 for Forex instruments and 1:100 for cryptocurrencies. The leverage depends on the type of your service and your account balance.

See more details here.

The higher the type of service, the higher the maximum leverage. Within the service, the larger your account balance, the lower your leverage. The reason for this is that higher leverage for large deposits bears more risks. The company needs to use its own financial resources, and with the high leverage, the expenses can rapidly grow. However, the Standard service leverage is always larger than the one for the Start service. Leverage is also recalculated every day. It can be decreased according to your current service or account balance. Leverage can be increased ONLY once a week, at 00:15 every Monday, server time.

Attention! On the weekends leverage is 50% lower than on the weekdays. Lower leverage is set every Friday, at 21:00, server time.

Important! Our company clients live in different time zones. Therefore, you need to check server time in your trading terminal. You should also plan your trading activities ahead. If you don’t have enough margin, it is best to close some or perhaps even all of the open trades for the weekend.

SWAP is a fee for the overnight rollover, i.e. the transferring of an open deal onto the following day.

It is charged once a day for every open order (except for the crypto instruments). SWAP for Wednesday-Thursday nights is tripled, but there is no SWAP on the weekends. For some high-liquidity Forex instruments, SWAP may be approximately 10 EUR per lot. Information on the SWAP sizes is available in your trading terminal - right-click on a symbol and choose “Specification”.

Crypto instruments are charged according to a different commission system called Rolling SWAP.

It is a commission charged for the rollover of an open trade with crypto instruments for a time period of 24 hours and more.

For fiat instruments, the rollover for the following day is charged at midnight, and it is called a SWAP.

Crypto trading is a ceaseless process. This is why the fee is charged not at midnight, but according to a special schedule. This is called “RollingSwap”.

See more details on RollingSWAP here.

Read more information about RollingSwap


Providing high leverage for margin trading on cryptocurrencies, which are extremely volatile instruments, for a long period of time is burning out the broker’s resources.

Keeping a margin position with high leverage for such highly volatile instruments as cryptocurrencies requires large financial resources from the broker.

This is why at first Rolling SWAP for cryptocurrencies is relatively small, but it grows over time and reaches its maximum in four days.

If expenses for an open deal are becoming too high we suggest closing the deal and opening it again.

There may be several reasons for that. A frequent mistake is made when you are trying to set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit or open a pending order too close to the current price.

Pending orders cannot be set closer than the FreezeLevel from the current price (approx. 1,5 spread).

Please see more on FreezeLevel here.

Market Execution of pending orders, including Take-Profit, does not imply that the deal will be definitely performed at the set price, instantly after a single tap of the declared price level chart.

Remember that it is a real market, not a demo account. You need to find a counter-agent with a similar price, but with an opposite order sign to execute the order.

Moreover, please bear in mind that charts are built on the basis of selling prices (Bid). However, a pending order is executed for the asset’s purchasing price (Ask). It may vary by the amount of spread, which is changeable and the difference can be significant, especially after news releases or during high volatility periods.

When a pending order is executed, price should be a little higher than the declared one and remain at this level for a while. The system must find a counter agent for your deal, which can take some time.

Moreover, the execution price may be different from the declared one, since every transaction is the result of the price agreement between two parties.

The difference between these prices can be more significant than usual in cases such as periods of high volatility and low liquidity, or for example when you have a large size order or, on the contrary, trade micro-lots.

Spread (difference between the bid and the ask prices) is floating, meaning it changes according to the market situation.

The lowest spreads are for instruments of the highest liquidity with low volatility, such as EUR/USD. Usually higher volatility means a wider spread.

Yes, the majority of bonuses in our company are trading bonuses, which means they can become part of margin requirement, if no alternative terms have been specified. A bonus may be accrued for different reasons - as a compensation for the payment system commission on your deposit, as part of gifting policies, special offers or premium deposit rate, etc..

If a client does not incline to trade in our company, the bonus is reversed while the rest of the sum is available for withdrawal according to the standard terms. Moreover, bonus serves as a stimulation, not as a financial commitment. The company may cancel it in case of a low trading activity and/or according to the bonus accrual terms.

In case the volume of available funds decreases to the volume of trading bonus, the broker is eligible to close positions entirely or partially without prior notice, and/or block trade, and/or withdraw the bonus.

If a trader has bonuses on his/her trading account, this bonus can be used as margin requirement. Traders can withdraw these bonuses after making the minimum trading volume, which is 10 standard lots for every 100 EUR of the bonus. The trading lots are counted from the moment of the first bonus accrual.

About LHCoin

LHCoin is a token created by LH-Crypto project. It can be used as a payment for various services offered by the cryptobroker.

See more details on LHCoin purpose and its use on this page
No, it’s not necessary.

We are planning to charge a small monthly fee for premium leverage, if the average volume of quarterly attracted funds surpasses 3 mln USD. The basic leverage will still be provided for free.

At the moment, premium leverage is free as part of our promotion campaign.

One needs to have a deposit to make trading operations with financial instruments. We accept deposits in all of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The majority of our clients’ deposits are in Bitcoins and other popular coins. We can also accept our own tokens as margin requirement.

Note: for margin trading we set our own rate, which is much higher than the exchange rate: 1 LHC = 1 USD.

Attention: This LHCoin rate may be altered, the service may be temporarily unavailable or limited.
According to the LHCoin smart contract, 5% of all funds accepted by the cryptobroker from its clients are proportionally distributed among the token holders on a monthly basis.

This programme will be launched on the 1st of November 2018.

Soon we will be issuing instructions on how to receive CASHBACK.

  1. LHCoin is supported by a real cryptobroker business;
  2. Clients can pay for the company services with these tokens;
  3. LHCoin has an investment potential as part of the Cashback programme;
  4. The number of tokens in circulation will decrease over time.
Originally, only 102 mln LHCoins were emitted [not sure if “emitted” is the right word here, “issued” sounds better; however, “emitted” might be part of trading lingo that I am not aware of] (check the site of LH-Crypto ICO). Over time this amount decreases and the value of each token grows.

Why the number of tokens in circulation falls:
  1. 50% of the LHCoins paid by our clients for the company services are destroyed;
  2. When LHCoins are used as margin requirement, the amount of tokens in circulation falls, while the demand keeps growing.
LHCoins are available on the crypto exchanges.

The updated list of crypto exchanges that offer LHCoins is published on our site.

LH-CRYPTO is an online service for crypto-traders

LH-CRYPTO is an online service for crypto-traders. The service is available to everyone, except for the citizens of particular countries and several categories of people listed in the License Agreement. LH-CRYPTO is a free software for making conversion operations with CFDs on various financial assets nominated in cryptocurrencies.

The project does not manage funds and does not guarantee profits. The project only offers a service that allows to make conversion operations with cryptocurrencies on a specially configured software.

This website is maintained and supported by the following legal body:


All the settlements in this project are processed solely in cryptocurrencies. Conversion operations are processed on the terms of margin trading without a direct supply of underlying assets. According to the generally accepted term, these operations are called operations with OTC (over the counter) CFDs (contracts for difference).

Trading with OTC CFDs involves considerable risks. We recommend you pay the utmost attention to both theory and practice of margin trading before making any of such operations.

The services provided by this project are not available for: residents of USA, France, North Korea, Spain, Sudan and Syria.

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