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  • CryptoHamster
  • Korea
  • Miners
  • Russia
Crypto Hamster Is Gone, While Miners Come to Russia
Mr Goxx is not with us anymore, South Korea becomes North for crypto community, from Kazakhstan to Russia - with love
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Kraken
  • Dogecoin
  • SquidGame
  • ShibaInu
How Crypto and Squids Have Wrapped the Planet In
Squid Game everywhere; BTC and ETH soaring up, while Dogecoin's blocked by exchanges; Kraken gives hints
  • MasterCard
  • ShibaInu
  • Coinbase
Second Golden Age of Crypto
Mastercard gives green light to crypto, dogs bring billions, Coinbase tops AppStore downloads
  • China
  • NFT
  • mining
  • Russia
  • USA
There Will Be Cash: Crypto Fights Its Place In the Sun
USA and Russia fight again, NFTs keep breaking records, exchanges revenge on China
  • snoopdogg
  • nft
  • DeversiFi
  • buffett
Millions And Millions For Crypto
Some asshole for Snoop Dogg for 4 mln USD, honest miner gave back 24 mln. USD, Hamster outdid Buffett
  • elsalvador
  • africa
  • NFT
  • hermitage
  • bitcoin
Bitcoin Is Getting Exotic: Crypto Marching Towards Africa
Salvador Drops Bitcoin, Africa Got Hooked On Crypto (or visa versa), The Hermitage Sold da Vinci's Madonna (not really...)
  • Belarus
  • mining
  • Lukashenko
  • HermitageMuseum
  • NFT
  • token
  • ZhijiAuto
Time To Gather Stones. NFT-Stones
Belarus President calls for mining, Hermitage stones and masterpieces are most noticeable NFTs, steering and mining: slow and steady earns the money
  • hackers
  • polynetwork
  • Lindeman
Crypto It Getting Hard... Rock
Crypto hackers break their own records, new threat to crypto rises in USA, Lindeman now in NFT-format
  • TikTok
  • PayPal
  • taxation
  • LHCrypto
Crypto Is In TikTok Now, And in PayPal Too, Israel Is Envious
How to assemble a mining farm out of nothing - lessons from TikTok; PayPal is closer and closer to the crypto; Israel dreams of crypto taxation - telling you in the new crypto news block
  • Binance
  • Bondly
  • Bitcoin
  • nods
Bondly's Fall Without a Fight, nodes' records, Binance Reinsures
Telling, how Bondly Finance went to naught. How Bitcoin reached intangible, but crucial new records. And back to Binance news again and what's happening there

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LH-CRYPTO is an online service for crypto-traders. The service is available to everyone, except for the citizens of particular countries and several categories of people listed in the License Agreement. LH-CRYPTO is a free software for making conversion operations with CFDs on various financial assets nominated in cryptocurrencies.

The project does not manage funds and does not guarantee profits. The project only offers a service that allows to make conversion operations with cryptocurrencies on a specially configured software.

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All the settlements in this project are processed solely in cryptocurrencies. Conversion operations are processed on the terms of margin trading without a direct supply of underlying assets. According to the generally accepted term, these operations are called operations with OTC (over the counter) CFDs (contracts for difference).

Trading with OTC CFDs involves considerable risks. We recommend you pay the utmost attention to both theory and practice of margin trading before making any of such operations.

The services provided by this project are not available for: residents of USA, France, North Korea, Spain, Sudan and Syria.

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