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Safety Net System

Want to have all the profit potential from trading with no risks?
Great, so do we! LH-Crypto is proud to introduce our brand new Safety Net System!

The idea of the system is the following:

  • if you trade making a profit - it is all yours
  • if you make a loss, our Safety Net got your deposit covered all the way up to 100%

This Safety System applies to both new and old users allowing for the more experienced traders to take full advantage of market volatility, as well as for the newbies not to worry about the mistakes. Sounds great, right?

All you need to do is to make a deposit of 250 EUR or more and the Safety Net System would be applied to your account and the funds can be activated even after 1 trade if it happens to be a loss. Moreover, for a recurring replenishment of 250+ EUR to the deposit, the newly added amount also gets insured by the system, so no matter how many times you deposit - it is all covered.

Eager and very active traders get an additional edge to trading never seen before!

Great time to saddle the market horse at the time of economic turmoil from the comfort of safety!

Good luck!

The Safety Net System applies to all types of accounts and all currencies. It will be launched on June 1, 2022. Follow the news to be among the first to join!