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Holy Transaction

Year 2015
Founders -
Origin Europe

Holy Transaction is a multicurrency wallet which is able to hold more than 25 types of digital assets. An option of deposit and withdrawal in fiat money is available for Europeans. A convenient online version with a minimalistic design, low fees and a function of internal exchange are also provided.


Holy Transaction is a popular multicurrency wallet which doesn’t require downloading of any software in order to start working with it. It’s only necessary to register on the online platform and to log into the account at any convenient time through PC or other device. A convenient mobile version of the website is provided for smartphones.

The wallet is easy and comfortable to work with, it has a nice interface and a variety of security means (one-time passwords to confirm operations, notifications about different actions including transactions).

The developers of Holy Transaction don’t seek to increase a number of supported currencies mindlessly. Usually they choose really demanded coins which are capable of further development. Today 28 various cryptocurrencies are presented on the platform including the famous ones such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Zcash.

The site doesn’t have a Russian version, so all domestic investors will have to work in English. The functionality concerning the means of replenishment of accounts has also been reduced. Deposit of fiat money isn’t practically possible in many countries, therefore it’s necessary to buy cryptocurrency beforehand via exchangers, currency exchanges or in other ways.

Still in some European countries it’s possible to refill an account with USD or EUR – for example, in Germany, Mexico, Poland and Spain. The full list of available options can be seen at the page of the service:

For instance, users from Spain and Poland are able to replenish their accounts with Bitcoins and withdraw money from Holy Transaction wallets through the HalCash network ATMs.

History of creation

The developer of the Holy Transaction wallet is the same name company Holy Transaction SA. It emerged in 2015 and gained attention of cryptoinvestors rather quickly. The users have at once noticed the convenience of working with the platform and wide possibilities concerning accounts’ replenishment and executing of instant exchanges of supported cryptocurrencies.

In 3 years the company has been able to increase a number of presented coins to 28, which are mainly proven and demanded ones. With the help of an online vault users are able not only to store their savings without any concerns about security, but also to exchange assets and alter the composition of their wallets.

Simplicity of work and ability to operate a personal account from any point in the world have made Holy Transaction nearly the most demanded cryptocurrency wallet if not globally, then definitely in Europe.

The developers pay special attention to advertising of their product while continuing to improve user interface. Investors are also captivated by professionalism of the team which is in charge.

Pros and cons

Investors who already use the Holy Transaction wallet highlight numerous advantages of such a vault for digital assets. The following are worth mentioning among others:

The disadvantages which worth mentioning are a lack of a Russian version of the website, a mobile and a desktop applications and inability to replenish accounts with fiat money for Russians and residents of other CIS countries.

How to use the wallet?

There is no need to download any software in order to work with the wallet. All operations with it are performed in an online mode on the website: An investor won’t have to reveal his identity and upload documents. Only registration in the system is required in order to start working with it.


New users should go through an obligatory registration process. It shouldn’t cause any difficulties. Press the “Sign up” button in the upper right or bottom left corner of the main page of the site.

A simple registration form will appear on the screen. Here a user should specify a login, a password, an e-mail address, a country of residence, accept the platform’s Terms of Service and solve a CAPTCHA.

After that it’s only necessary to activate the account by following a link from the letter which should be sent to the provided e-mail. There is no need to provide a telephone number or any other additional personal data – the wallet is fully operational from the very beginning.


The main question which should probably arise among novice investors is how to use Holy Transaction. The interface is far from being fancy. In the upper right part of the site a total balance is shown in EUR or USD (depends on your choice).

There are 4 tabs provided for working. The remaining two contain user’s settings (“Settings”) and history of operations (“History”).

Balance. Here the account’s balance is shown. To add a currency, press the “+” icon in the upper right corner and choose desired coins from the list or through a search bar.

Some wallets may be inactive, so it’ll be impossible to create them [Возможно, в исходном тексте имелись в виду криптовалюты, поэтому перевод скорее всего должен выглядеть так: “Some currencies may be inactive, so it’ll be impossible to add them”. – Прим. пер.]. After the addition of chosen cryptocurrencies the status of each of them will be displayed separately in a tab where an address of the wallet and a status of the account is shown in the following manner:

More detailed information about the account can be seen or a QR code can be received if necessary just by pointing at the address line of the desired wallet.

Send. In this tab coins can be sent and funds withdrawn. In order to transfer funds it’s just enough to provide an address of a recipient, choose a type of the currency and state an amount of payment.

Buy. Here one cryptocurrency can be exchanged for another after choosing an appropriate pair. The account can be also replenished with fiat money here (not available in Russia).

Attention! The platform sets individual daily limits for purchase of digital assets which amount is indicated if the purchase sum exceeds it.

Spend. Here a list of services which support direct payments from the Holy Transaction wallet can be seen.


Currently the service doesn’t charge fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds. Pay attention to internal terms of third party platforms if you’re using them. The fee of the wallet applies only to exchange operations (2 % of the sum) and confirmation of transactions.


The users’ feedback about the wallet don’t have any negative connotation. Usually people focus on advantages and minor flaws. For example, in this way:

“Liked the thought-out choice of supported tokens. I’m new to it, haven’t encountered any problems yet”.

Some users complain about a lack of the Russian language, but at the same time note simplicity of the interface which can be sorted out even without special knowledge of English.


To summarize the review, Holy Transaction in its current form is more suitable for users from European countries as they are provided with more advantages and opportunities. Russians can also work with this wallet, but mostly as a means of storing of their assets.

The level of security of the service is sufficient, but still it loses noticeably to some other multicurrency wallets. Keeping in mind the fact that you’ll have to work with it in an online mode only, it’s better to keep not all the available funds on accounts, but only a part of them.

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