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The basics of crypto trading


Year 2011
Founders Stas Bokov, Denis Globa
Origin USA

Tradingview is a platform which attracts novice cryptocurrency traders by its simplicity and professionals by ample opportunity and numerous helpful tools.

What is Tradingview?

Growing interest in digital currencies has brought both novice and advanced traders in the cryptocurrency sphere. The latter had often started their careers on stock exchanges, but, as the digital coins’ market has emerged, preferred to make money on them.

Even a novice trader understands that it’s inevitable to be always in touch with current issues in order to profit from trading. An ability to predict exchange rates both in short and long runs determines a level of income. But just knowing the market’s trends isn’t enough. In the cryptocurrency sphere it’s no less important to follow changes and to make quantitative predictions. The Tradingview platform helps to perform all of this.

The developers of the platform position their creation not just as a useful instrument for trading. They’ve wanted to create a complete environment for cryptotraders where it’s possible to forecast exchange rates with different tools, monitor situation on the market and communicate with other participants. As a result, a kind of a social network for interaction where people can exchange opinions and propose their ideas has emerged.

Functionality of the platform

A certain advantage for Russian traders is the availability of the Russian version of Tradingview. The platform also supports other languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian. Traders may probably wonder what functionality the platform provides. Here’s its brief review:

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

Latest changes in more detail can be seen in the “Performance” tab. Here volatility indicators and price change percentage for different periods of time (day, week, month, year etc.) are shown.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

In the “Oscillators” and “Trend-following” tabs technical indicators of Tradingview, which can help to determine a trend’s direction and the market’s condition, are presented. There’re even recommendations here regarding what to do with this or that coin according to the forecasts for the future.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

Accounts and possibilities

It’s necessary to register prior to starting utilizing the system’s functionality. There’s nothing complicated about it. On the relevant tab think of a username, a password and provide an e-mail address. There’s also an easier way: log in from your account on Twitter, Facebook or other network.

SighnUp TradingView

While registering via e-mail it’ll be necessary to activate the account by following the link from the received letter. Additionally the system will propose to upload a photo and provide first and second names.

After the registration the user may choose one of three paid subscriptions. The profile will be active for 30 days. Later on it’ll be necessary to contribute $9,95-39,95 monthly or use the limited free version.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

By the way, there’s a full comparison of all three tariffs on their page. For instance, the Premium version allows to use tools on 5 devices simultaneously, to display up to 8 charts in one window and to work with 25 Tradingview indicators on a chart.

But it’s necessary to provide information about your bank card in order to enable any of paid subscriptions. If a subscription isn’t cancelled within 30 days, money will be charged monthly later on.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

To those who haven’t sorted out the functionality or are concerned about providing their card’s data we recommend to start with exploring the free version.

Besides, the service has a referral program which allows to earn on new users brought to the system. Rewards are assessed for users registered through your personal link and only if they pay for subscription. Find out more about the Tradingview referral program here:

The platform is available both from a PC and a smartphone. Tradingview has an application for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) which is available on the App Store.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

How to use Tradingview?

Novices who have just registered on the platform don’t always understand how to use Tradingview. Actually, the interface is very nice and comprehensible. More questions arise among inexperienced users in relation with a wide variety of applicable tools.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates TradingView

To the right of the graph there’re quotations, rates and news. To the left there’re numerous tools for working with the chart. It’s possible to draw on it, add text, visualize a trend line and do many other things.

The functionality can be directly modified in the upper toolbar. Here the following can be chosen:

The Tradingview live chart has great potential. Paid versions are intended for professional traders. Many of them note that the platform is one of the best not only in the cryptocurrency market, but also in the stock trading as a whole.

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