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Year 2014
Founders -
Origin Russia

Forklog is a relatively new news website with a vast knowledge base for beginners and a bunch of fun features such as games and other interactive activities.

What’s Forklog and what’s special about it?

Forklog is one of the most popular Russian-speaking online media outlets out there. The site became widely known in 2017 due to the heightened interest of investors and enthusiasts in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular.

Mostly, the outlet publishes cryptocurrency-related news and various useful content. You will not find there any charts or exchange rates, except those for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the upper right corner of the main page.

The website should prove useful to Russian-speaking users. Its founders view themselves as an online media outlet that aims to increase the interest and knowledge in cryptocurrency among Russian-speaking people. That said, the site also has an English version.

A history of the origin

Forklog was founded in summer 2014 by Anatoli Kaplan. However, it gained wide popularity among Russians and Ukrainians only in 2017 due to a drastic price rise of Bitcoin and “cryptocurrency rush” in general.

In December 2017, the unprecedented success of the media outlet sparked interest from the National Security Agency of Ukraine. The main office and the founder’s apartment were searched. During the search, 27,5 Bitcoins were seized from Kaplan. Back then it was equal to 500,000 USD. As the result, all Kaplan’s cryptocurrency wallets were arrested and seized. Despite this colossal loss, Kaplan didn’t abandon his brainchild and continued to work on the project, while raising funds from other sources.

What’s important, every user has an opportunity to financially support the site. All donations are sent to a dedicated Bitcoin wallet. You can find its number and QR code on the site to quickly transfer money with your smartphone. However, the Forklog team accepts donations through other methods that can be discussed individually.

Site functionality and sections

On Forklog, all news are published in a dedicated section of the site. About 10–20 news related to cryptocurrency exchanges, research, innovations and legislation are usually published daily (both on Russian and English versions of the site).

The “Exclusive” section includes all reviews, articles, and interviews. Such posts contain only original expert perspectives from the authors of the site, compilations of opinions on various subjects, and memes from all over the Internet.

The “Cards” section is basically a knowledge base that contains answers to most frequently asked questions. If a user only learns the ropes of the cryptocurrency world, they probably should begin their journey from this section. Here, you will find out what smart-contracts and blockchain are, and how to choose a cryptocurrency or a multi-currency wallet. After reading these articles, you will get a basic knowledge of cryptocurrency.

The “Events” section should be useful for experienced investors who are frequent visitors of all sorts of training courses, webinars, and conferences. Here, they could find a list of upcoming events for a current, next or previous month. The description of each event is laid out in a concise way and includes:

If you want to view events in your country, choose it from a list in the upper left corner. The list includes only countries where events will be held during the specified month.

Users can add their own events and add them to the calendar after specifying its name, date, time and other relevant data. The application is reviewed by the team within 2 days.

The “Fun” section is dedicated to news that are likely make the reader smile, whereas in the “Special Projects” tab you will find illustrated longreads and article series. Here, users can offer their own ideas for special projects or order a project by submitting an application.

Even more information about the cryptocurrency world can be found at Forklog social media and Youtube channel.

If necessary, you can find more about a subject of your interest through a search field on the site or by clicking on a hashtag in the upper part of the main page.


Forklog is a helpful media outlet that never fails to deliver fresh news. Beginners who know nothing about cryptocurrency and only intend to register a wallet will appreciate a vast knowledge database, whereas experienced investors can use the site to monitor the market situation in real time. Finally, engaging interactive activities will allow you to delve into the world of cryptocurrency easily and effortlessly.

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