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Year 2016
Origin Japan

Coindesk is only fresh news about the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technology. Helpful articles, exchange rates, currency movements, ICO Tracker, and ICO calendar – all this can be found here.

What’s Coindesk?

Coindesk is a website dedicated to digital currencies. On top of posting fresh news, developers run cryptocurrency-related conferences and publish the most current exchange rates for Bitcoin and other tokens. The most popular tool on the site is so-called BPI – the Bitcoin Price Index.

All materials can be viewed at The site is available in English and Korean only.

SA history of the origin

First news were published on the Coindesk site in the spring of 2013. The idea behind the project belongs to Shakil Khan, an entrepreneur and Coindesk founder. Khan has always had a heightened interest for Bitcoin and blockchain, so there is no wonder why he invested a large portion of his financial assets in BitPay payment processor.

In the autumn of 2013, Jon Matonis becomes a head editor of Coindesk. Prior to that, he held a post of CEO of The Bitcoin Foundation.

For convenience purposes, in the spring of 2014 Coindesk released a free mobile app for iOS devices. With the help of the app, users can read fresh cryptocurrency news, helpful insights on blockchain technology, and check the Bitcoin Price Index.

In 2016, the site and the company were acquired by Digital Currency Group for half a million dollars. Nowadays, the platform views itself as a leading digital media and high-quality information services provider. The main purpose of the site is to introduce the world to blockchain and cryptocurrency, attract new investors and unite them.

SA history of the origin

The site itself has a pretty neat design. For the most part, it consists of cryptocurrency-related articles and news. The “Blockchain 101” section should prove useful to beginners, who are not familiar with how Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain work. “Technology”, “Markets”, and “Business” sections are dedicated to news, articles, and reviews about tech solutions, the current market environment, and cryptocurrency business ideas respectively.

The “Data & Research” section contains many useful insights for investors. For instance, with the help of ICO Tracker, you can visually follow technology growth rates starting from 2014.

SA history of the origin

All past and upcoming cryptocurrency-related events can be viewed in a separate section with an ICO calendar.

SA history of the origin

The “Consensus” section contains info about past and upcoming summits held by Coindesk. For instance, users can now register for the upcoming conference, which is scheduled for May 13-15, 2019. The page has all the necessary information regarding sponsors, location, and the event itself.

SA history of the origin

On top of that, on the site you can find data about the current exchange rates and recent currency movements. The main page contains data about 5 the most popular and demanded cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. More information about these and other currencies can be found here: Speaking of data, it’s available in two ways:

Graphic charts, where Bitcoin is assumed as the max value for all dimensions. Here, you can compare any currency with Bitcoin by choosing it from the list on the right of the screen.

SA history of the origin

Numbers, where all values are not only relative to Bitcoin, but also shown as a total value. Here, you can view currency movements for the last 24 hours, market cap, and current prices.

SA history of the origin

All these tools are designed to help you assess the profitability of different cryptocurrencies in real time.

Quarterly Bitcoin reports

Starting from 2014, Coindesk has been publishing quarterly status reports on Bitcoin. The report for the second quarter of 2018 is already available on the site.

Quarterly Bitcoin reports

Reports are laid out in a concise way and contain only important data so that investors, traders, and Bitcoin enthusiasts could easily see a real picture of what’s going on.

Quarterly Bitcoin reports

For instance, the report above states that mining profitability has dropped from 22 to 19%, Bitcoin hashrate grew by 26%, and total ICO funding reached $19 billion.

Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)

One of the most popular Coindesk features is the Bitcoin Price Index. BPI was first introduced in 2013. Basically, BPI represents an average of Bitcoin prices across leading currency exchanges. At first, it was formed on the basis of data collected from BTC, CampBX, and Bitstamp. However, in November 2013 CampBX was excluded from the list. As of today, BPI is calculated on the basis of data collected from these 4 exchanges:

The data regarding prices and currency movements is displayed in both charts and numbers and is updated every 60 seconds.

Bitcoin Price Index (BPI)


Coindesk is something more than just a news provider dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This is a source of valuable information for both investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts, where they can find up-to-date currency movements, reports, insights, exchange rates, and prices.

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