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ASIC AntMiner S9

Year 2016
Origin Japan

ASIC AntMiner is budget Bitcoin mining tool by Bitmain that remains relevant even after 2 years from the date of release.

What is ASIC AntMiner?

There is another way to make money in cryptocurrency other than investing, namely mining. To do this, you’ll need powerful hardware. No less than 6-7 years it was possible to mine coins with ordinary PCs. However, times are changing, and nowadays you won’t earn a single penny without some dedicated equipment. Thankfully, such equipment is manufactured by Bitmain, Ebang, Canaan, and BitFury.

ASIC AntMiner S9 is a device that is produced by Bitmain, the most popular mining tools manufacturer. The device was released in mid-2016. Usually, such equipment has quite limited “lifespan” due to the constant developing of mining technologies. Literally 1-2 years after the release, mining equipment becomes outdated and inefficient. That said, ASIC AntMiner S9 remains relevant to the present day.

What cryptocurrency can be mined?

Today, there are more than 5 different mining algorithms. Each one of them is suited for mining of certain coins. Say, the Scrypt algorithm allows mining of Litecoin, whereas the Cryptonight algorithm is intended for mining Monero and Bytecoin.

ASIC AntMiner S9 by Bitmain uses SHA-256. The algorithm is suited for mining Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, BitcoinDark, PeerCoin, and many other tokens. This explains longstanding popularity of the device since Bitcoin remains relevant in comparison with other cryptocurrencies even despite recent dropping in price.


In mid-2016, ASIC AntMiner S9 become a breakthrough and was unmatched for the longest time. Upon release, the device carried a price of 2000-3000$.

The first version of the device had a mining power of 12,5 TH/s (terahash per second). With time, more powerful versions were released with a mining power of:

As of today, the manufacturer doesn’t sell this model anymore. On the official site you can find only newer and more powerful models, such as S11 and S15 (with mining power 20,5 and 27 TH/s respectively).

The device itself is pretty space saving. It weighs only 5 kg and has 35 cm in length, 13,5 cm in width, and 15.8 cm in height. Power consumption varies from 1300 to 1540 W. Energy efficiency reaches up to 0,1 J. With the help of a heavy duty power adapter, voltage is maintained within 11,5-12 V. An efficient cooling system that includes 2 coolers guarantees operating temperature range of 26-43C.

When it comes to design, S9 is almost indistinguishable from S7. The developers have put emphasis on technical specifications. The case of the device remained pretty much the same as in older versions. It’s made of aluminum, which contributes to temperature control.

Users note that ASIC AntMiner S9 has one of the most convenient firmware out there. It allows you to update the software and simplifies the work process by sorting the data into different tabs.

Pros and cons

When it comes to choosing a mining tool, every miner pays attention to its pros and cons. As of ASIC AntMiner S9, it has several advantages:

The main drawback of this device is its noise level. If you’re planning to set up a mining farm at home, then you should probably skip ASIC AntMiner S9. However, it’s a perfect choice for industrial conditions. Also, note that you will have to buy a separate power adapter for this device, which would lead to additional expenses.

Price, profitability, and payback

The top priority of every miner is high profitability and a short pay-off period. Therefore, let’s take a look at some numbers. Today, the manufacturer doesn’t sell this model anymore. Nevertheless, you can always buy a used device. In this case, ASIC AntMiner S9 will cost lees than 13 000 rubles (not including a power adapter that will cost around 8000-12000 RUB). New and previously not used devices are not easy to find and will cost around 40 000 (not including a power adapter).

Lately, Bitcoin has dropped in price significantly. Because of this, the profitability of Bitcoin mining devices has dropped too. Still, you can always mine Bitcoin, wait for its price to rise and gain profit from that. From this perspective, the possible actual income is quite high.

As of today, S9 can yield you about 5-10$ per day (mining pool fee is included). As the result, you can make around 150-300$ per month (9750-19500 RUB). This means that it’s possible to return invested money in 6-8 months. However, in some cases it may take up to 2 years.


Despite the fact that ASIC AntMiner S9 was released more than 2 years ago, it remains one of the most efficient mining tools for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that works on the basis of the SHA-256 algorithm. It’s relatively high power and low price allow to quickly return invested money and start making money from mining.

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