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Exchange Taotao from Yahoo, cryptocurrency at maximum, hardfork Bitcoin Cash

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It was announced the launch of the trading platform Taotao with the participation of Yahoo, Bitcoin was able to rise to annual highs. After hardfork Bitcoin Cash, the blockchain crashes.

Yahoo's margin trading with cryptocurrencies

In the last days of May Taotao cryptocurrency exchange will be launched in Japan. In it, the majority stake of 40% belongs to the American Internet giant Yahoo. According to unofficial information, it was bought out for $ 19 million. It is expected that at the new site, customers will be able not only to exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies. Here it is supposed to allow margin trading.

That work with leverage has begun to attract traders recently. This service is also planned to be introduced on the Binance exchange, where the transition to platform 2.0 has been announced. In general, the markets mark the mass appearance on the trading floors of new users. The number of newly opened accounts only on Japanese cryptoexchanges this spring has increased 3 times.

How trade with leverage

Yahoo's margin trading with cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has risen above $ 8,600

Early in the morning of May 27, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency raise to $ 8,600. Lateral movement near the $ 8000 level has ended, investors have again stepped up purchases. Growth for the week was 17%. Although it is not a global record for Bitcoin, it has become a very significant achievement. Now its capitalization is $ 157 billion.

The entire cryptocurrency market is currently estimated at $ 265 billion, while Bitcoin accounts for 57%. This ratio remains stable for quite a long time, which indicates a certain complacency in the cryptocurrency market. Investors prefer to place funds not only in the most popular asset. They diversify risks by paying attention to other digital coins.

Bitcoin has risen above $ 8,600

Consequences of hardfork Bitcoin Cash

After the hardfork Bitcoin Cash held on May 15, information about the detected errors appears in the network. So, the BitMEX exchange reports double transactions totaling 3,392 BCH. Hackers were able to broadcast transactions that were not tested by consensus. As a result, miners received blocks with empty transactions. In addition, failures were detected when returning funds to the SegWit network. A total of 25 deals totaling 3,392 BCH were marked as “double”.

Against this background, the message about the time control over the blockchain of the BTC.TOP and BTC.COM pools no longer looks so negative. It is not clear how many problems will be revealed as a result of hard forks. However, it is already clear that the intervention of the pools was not superfluous.

Consequences of hardfork Bitcoin Cash

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