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IPO Uber, the crisis on Binance, Bitcoin above $ 7200

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As a result, Uber's IPO has become cheaper by $ 44 billion, Binance will resume work after the theft of 7,000 bitcoins. A boom in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin rose to $ 7,200.

After entering public trades, Uber shares went down

The very first day of trading Uber's shares at a public auction brought disappointment to investors. During initial IPO placement, securities were sold at $ 45, after which they lost 7.6%, dropping to $ 41.57. Analysts believe that the big players decided to play short, which led to this result.

As a result, the company began to cost $ 76 billion. Last year, however, experts from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley estimated it at $ 120 billion. The market environment was generally unfavorable for an IPO. Players fear the consequences of the intensification of the trade conflict between the United States and China, and therefore prefer to behave more conservatively.

Forecast for UBER

After entering public trades, Uber shares went down

Binance will resume work on May 14

After hacking the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, it had to suspend its operations indefinitely. However, the head of the site, Changpeng Zhao, said that already on May 14, work would be resumed as before. To exclude similar incidents in the future, existing security features were updated and added.

It is now known that hackers were able to pick up 7,000 bitcoins from hot Binance wallets, which is about $ 50,000,000 at the current rate. Now they are trying to transfer stolen funds through mixers. Another problem is that two-factor authentication keys may have been stolen. Therefore, there are risks of repetition of illegal withdrawal of funds.

Binance will resume work on May 14

Bitcoin growth to $ 7,200 speaks about the beginning of a cryptocurrency boom

Over the two days off, Bitcoin could have risen in price by more than $ 1,000, which allowed him to break through the $ 7,200 mark. The paradox is that analysts cannot yet understand the reasons for the last wave of growth. The market did not receive any clear buy signals, so this movement is an absolute mystery. However, it is already clear that the growth was provoked by major players.

Following the Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies went up. So, ethereum broke through the level of $ 200, and BCH $ 350. As a result, the total capitalization of the market of digital financial assets turned out to be higher than the level of $ 220 billion, with 58.3% of this amount being Bitcoin. The fact that in just two days the market has grown by 10% suggests the start of a new cryptocurrency boom. Increased demand provokes purchases at levels that most recently seemed unattainable.

Bitcoin growth to $ 7,200 speaks about the beginning of a cryptocurrency boom

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