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Where the electricity is abundant enough for any mining, what else can become an NFT-token, how to drive and get gizmos - in the new crypto-news digest

Belarus President Calls for Mining

While many countries tighten the screws and make miners' lives harder, with China sending them away from the country, the president of Eastern European and former-USSR country Belarus gives crypto carte blanche.

Alexander Lukashenko has been an irreplaceable leader of this state for the past 27 years; he asked his citizens to use the electricity more to mine cryptocurrencies. As the President of Belarus stated in his speech, there is enough electricity in the country, but its people "is not welcome anywhere, and if it is, then in plantations, like the Ukrainians say, go to the Polish or the Germans bending low to collect strawberries."

To avoid bending low in Poland and Germany, Mr. Lukashenko believes it necessary to develop the agricultural complex, building greenhouses, and also to mine cryptocurrency. The President of Belarus generally favours crypto. Thus, around a year ago the country's major bank, BelarusBank, launched a service to exchange digital currencies via the Visa payment system. The crypto industry altogether went fully tax-free back in 2017.

Belarus President Calls for Mining

Hermitage Stones And Masterpieces Are Most Noticeable NFTs

Almost none of our crypto news release goes without NFT tokens. This marvellous crypto asset is winning more and more users' hearts. And now the Hermitage - one of the largest museums of Russia and the whole world, - announced launching their own non-fungible tokens. The limited collection will consist of the best paintings that belong to the museum. Monet, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Kandinsky, and many other famous painters' works will be sold in digital form on Binance up to September 7th. So hurry up, if you want to own the Hermitage NFTs.

Over the last month of summer, users got strongly attracted to NFT tokens with pictures of ... stones. The EtherRock collection was created back in 2017, but exactly this August three tokens were sold for the prices of 103, 135, and 611 thousand USD. The last one was purchased by the head of TRON, Justin Sun.

One collectioner paid over 330 thousand USD for an NFT work by Banksy that turned out to be fake. After being sold, the token disappeared from the official page of the misterious artist, then there turned out to be a copy of an NFT that is supposed to be unique. Not quite a non-fungible asset...

Hermitage Stones And Masterpieces Are Most Noticeable NFTs

Steering And Mining: Slow And Steady Earns The Money

There are so many devices for mining offered by crafty developers. And now, the Zhiji Auto electro cars producer announced an app where people can earn money for every kilometre they cover with their car.

The IM Zhiji app is designed for the IM electro cars that are getting ready for sale. The assets they receive can be exchanged for car renewal or other corresponding services.

After a driver covers 5000 kilometres, s/he can exchange the collected coins for an intellectual driving system of a new generation called Lidar Fusion, or enlarge the accumulator capacity after three years of running.

Steering And Mining: Slow And Steady Earns The Money

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