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Delisting USDT, Decred Consensus, Fidelity Platform

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Crypto enthusiasts demand delisting of Tether on exchanges, Lightining Network changes Decred consensus, Fidelity opens cryptocurrency trading

Delisting and other troubles of Tether

The last few days the situation has worsened around the most famous "stable coin", or rather, as it turned out, its instability. Rumors began to spread that crypto enthusiasts, the evangelists, and so on demanded from the large stock exchanges to delist Tether. Not without charges of fraud. The ground for the scandal was the suspicion of fraud.

There was a “shortage” of $ 850 million on the Bitfinex exchange. To stabilize the situation, the exchange was forced to take money (on credit, of course) from the issuer of the stable Tether coin. But under the security of borrowed funds, representatives of the exchange used the securities. What does it mean? It is likely that Tether can no longer hold the course at 1: 1. The company was accused of fraud, and the scandal turned into a real boycott for the first stablecoin.

Whats news from Tether

Delisting and other troubles of Tether

Lightning Network will be launched on Decred on May 9th

Back in 2017, the Lightining Network changed the rules of consensus on the Decred network and thus prepared it for the implementation of the protocol. On May 3 of this year, an official statement was already made that the test network launch will take place shortly, and final changes will be made to it, concerning the wallet and software of the nodes.

Before the launch, the developers plan to configure the network to work with the wallets of other developers. Thus, DCR holders will hardly feel any discomfort during testing and launch. Along with this, the interface will be improved, and in the future the creators plan to implement encryption using the Schnorr cryptographic scheme.

Lightning Network will be launched on Decred on May 9th

Fidelity lunches cryptocurrency trading

The world company that manages the largest assets since 1946, Fidelity Investments is going to launch cryptocurrency trading in the coming days. This was reported by the publisher Bloomberg. The development of a platform for institutional investors has been carried out for a long time, and its launch was to take place already in early 2019. But for several reasons, this event was postponed.

Previously, the company conducted a survey among legal entities holding financial assets. The survey showed that most of the deposits over the past three years were made against the backdrop of the hype around digital currencies. According to the study, almost 50% of investors plan to add cryptocurrency to their portfolios.

Fidelity lunches cryptocurrency trading

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