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Bitspark and TrustToken, 2100 Bitcoin kiosks, Japan terms

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New stablecoins from Bitspark and TrustToken were launched, 2100 Bitcoin kiosks opened in the USA. The Ministry of Finance of Japan called for the use of the term "cryptoactives".

Stablecoins are gaining popularity

Almost at the same time, news came about the beginning of the appeal of the two stablecoins. Startup Bitspark has launched the asset peg.PHP, the course of which is synchronized with the Philippine peso. Moreover, users will be able to pay with a new coin not only purchases on the Internet, but also utility bills.

At the same time, TrustToken has released a cryptocurrency asset TrueAUD, which is pegged to the Australian dollar. However, this is not the first instrument from this issuer. It has already launched TrueUSD and TrueGPB. It is also planned to create assets linked to other currencies. To ensure the stability of the course, the company uses fiat money deposits held in accounts. You can buy a stablecoins from TrustToken through a mobile application, and its main field of application is trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Stablecoins are gaining popularity

2100 kiosks for exchanging cash for bitcoins opened in the USA

The American company Coinstar has opened 2100 kiosks in the country to convert cash into bitcoins. This project was made possible through collaboration with the startup Coinme. Thanks to partnerships, the network was able to increase from 70 to 2100 points. For one transaction, you can buy Bitcoins for up to $ 2500.

Thanks to the implementation of this project, Coinstar's turnover has grown by 92%, and both sides are extremely pleased with the first results. It is worth recalling that in other countries the situation looks sadder. In India, the police arrested the co-owner of the company Unocoin for trying to install an ATM in a shopping center. He was charged with violating local laws and engaging citizens in the illegal circulation of currency.

2100 kiosks for exchanging cash for bitcoins opened in the USA

Japan's finance minister recommended using the term "cryptoassets"

At his meeting with journalists, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso asked journalists to use a new term for cryptocurrency. Before that, they were called “virtual currencies”, which is now somewhat inconsistent with reality. According to the official, the word " cryptoassets " more fully reflects the essence.

However, he did not insist on such a transformation. However, in the laws and regulations currently being drafted, the legislators focused on the word cryptoassets. The authorities are now somewhat tightening the cryptocurrency turnover procedure, which was associated with loud hacking exchanges in 2018. But they do not hinder development. During the last month, two more trading platforms received a work permit from the FSA.

Japan's finance minister recommended using the term cryptoassets

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