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Now, MasterCard begins to operate crypto too - who would not take it seriously; dogs can bring millions, and not only dirt - but these must be very special dogs; Coinbase gets even more popular than TikTok - in the new edition of crypto news

Mastercard Gives Green Light to Crypto

Although many professionals in financial industry remain skeptical about the future of cryptocurrencies, the latter continue to deeper infiltrate our everyday life. In particular, Mastercard, a global banking and payment service, announced that digital coins will soon be available to their users along with customary fiat currencies. Mastercard clients like banking institutions, shops and individuals will have an option to receive, transfer and store crypto on their wallets, debit/credit cards.

Moreover, bonuses from sellers, such as miles that airlines grant for tickets purchased directly on their websites, can also be converted into crypto for further use at will. To implement these great plans of integrating digital coins into existing payment system Mastercard forms a partnership with cryptocurrency company Bakkt.

Global excitement about cryptocurrencies spreads at a growing pace, and United States, Mastercard’s home country, is no exception. The growing number of individuals and businesses are sharing the opinion that broader implementation of Bitcoin and other coins into everyday activities is in high demand. So, Mastercard’s decision to include cryptocurrencies into its payment system is timely enough.

Mastercard Gives Green Light to Crypto

Dogs Bring Billions

They might have got used to Shiba Inu – a tokenized breed of dogs of the same name, initially devised as a burlesque cryptocurrency – frequent appearances in literally every Crypto News episode. So, the coin is a headliner again: this week altcoin has jumped the whole 22%!

A message, published on October 26, 2021 on Shiba Inu’s official account, is considered to be a kick-off for the upside move: it announced, that an anonymous crypto whale purchased Shiba Inu coins worth over $11 mln. The buyer’s personality remains unknown, but the purchase confirmation can be found on In general, coin has grown by over 1000% throughout last month alone.

Eventually, one of the first investors in Shiba Inu, who purchased a once-memecoin at its dawn, has become a billionaire after the latest coin price jump. He purchased doggy coins worth $8.000 slightly a year ago. Now, tokens in his wallet are estimated at almost $! However, this unknown investor is not the only one whom doggies helped to stroke in rich: some users has become millionaires and got significant profit from their Shiba Inu investments in just several months.

Dogs Bring Billions

Coinbase Tops AppStore Downloads

An app by one of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges outdid the software of such mastodons as YouTube, Instagram and even TikTok. It is hardly a coincidence, though, that Coinbase topped the AppStore downloads rating exactly after the meme-coin Shiba Inu ticker (see above) was added to the exchange.

Aside of that, in April 2021 Coinbase became the first crypto-exchange listed on the real exchange, NASDAQ. After an initial growth of its stocks price, the company decreased in market cap significantly. Today one share of Coinbase costs $311.

Showing an unparalleled growth, cryptocurrency Shiba Inu also topped the social network’s Twitter mentions rating. Follow the next episodes of major crypto-news digests by LH-Crypto and be the first to know, whether the wonder-coin helps Apple Corporation stocks pump to the all-time high at $429,5… or not.

Coinbase Tops AppStore Downloads

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