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Ripple report, Bakkt, Bitstamp and Dukascopy contract details

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Ripple published data for 2018, Bakkt told about the details of its contract in bitcoins. Bitstamp and Dukascopy signed a cooperation agreement.

Ripple capitalization was overstated

A report from Ripple for 2018 has been published, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the total capitalization of XRP tokens. In total, the company received $ 535.56 million from their sales during the year. Moreover, in the last quarter of 2018, sales amounted to a quarter of that amount, $ 129.03 million. From this we can conclude that Ripple sells tokens on the basis of receiving certain amounts, and not actual market demand.

According to a study of the portal Messari, 41 billion coins are formally in circulation. However, almost 19.2 billion of them can be classified as illiquid assets. Some of them belong to the co-founder of the company Jed McCaleb, and the other is frozen in various commercial operations of Ripple Labs. Thus, the total capitalization of tokens is overestimated by almost 50%.

Ripple capitalization was overstated

Bakkt told about bitcoin ETF details

Although the launch of trading on the New York Stock Exchange did not take place, the details of the future contract became known. It will be called Bakkt BTC (USD). Trading fee is $ 0.50. Moreover, this amount must pay both the buyer and the seller.

The admissible price fluctuation is $ 2.50, but for large investors a more flexible approach is provided. When working with ten contracts, the range is reduced to 1 cent. Judging by the published data, the trading platform is actually ready to start work. However, no permission has yet been received from the SEC, which delays the start. It was expected that the Commission at the end of February will make its decision. But because of shutdown in the government, its work was suspended.

Bakkt told about bitcoin ETF details

Cooperation Bitstamp and Dukascopy

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp begins cooperation with Dukascopy. The Swiss bank will be able to work with a cryptocurrency platform, since it has a license from the Luxembourg regulator.

As a result, Dukascopy customers will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency for dollars, euros and other fiat money. They will be able to withdraw received tokens to digital wallets, or change tokens for fiat money with a withdrawal through a bank account. Dukascopy is currently working on creating its own Dukascoin coins, and is preparing to enter the primary placement of tokens. Moreover, FINMA’s financial regulator in Switzerland has already agreed to an ICO.

Cooperation Bitstamp and Dukascopy

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