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Market Turnover, SEC Decision, Binance Plans

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The cryptocurrency market turnover reached a historic high of $ 89 billion, the SEC issued recommendations for tokens. Binance Exchange plans to open in Russia.

Cryptocurrency trading volume rose to a record $ 89 billion per day

Over the past few days, rising prices for cryptocurrencies has led to a sharp increase in the turnover of trading floors. In total, it reached a figure of $ 89 billion per day, which was an absolute record.

If earlier Bitcoin was bought and sold for $ 300 million on the 10 largest trading floors in 24 hours, now this figure has grown to $ 1.7 billion. On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) serious growth has also been recorded. The previous sales volume of futures was approximately 2000BTC, now it has increased more than 6 times. It is noteworthy that the entire mechanism of increased demand was launched by purchasing 20,000 coins for a total amount of just $ 100 million. At the same time, the price of Bitcoin continued to grow, its value reaching $ 5,153.

Sharp increase in bitcoin and other cryptocurrency turnover

Cryptocurrency trading volume rose to a record $ 89 billion per day

SEC has released a guide to cryptoactives

Two SEC commissioners, Bill Hinman and Valerie Schepanik, have published a guide for cryptocurrency companies. In it, they explained the rules by which the regulator assesses whether a token belongs to the category of “security”. And this is not an official document, but a statement of the thoughts of the authors themselves. Perhaps, for some entrepreneurs, this will help to use the blockchain opportunities correctly.

This event occurred against the backdrop of a revolutionary event for the department. For the first time, the SEC gave a "guarantee of inaction" against a token. The company TurnKey Jet has released its tokens, with which customers will be able to pay for air travel. And for the first time the regulator published its position. However, investors are not very happy with the content of this “message”. It turned out to be too tough for practical use.

SEC has released a guide to cryptoactives

Binance has launched a platform for cryptocurrency trading in Singapore and plans to come to Russia

Already in April, the Binance Singapore cryptocurrency trading platform will appear in this Asian country. This was announced at the Seoul Forum "Deconomy 2019". The broker plans to open its representative offices in all significant regions of the world, which will allow users to change fiat money for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance even has plans to open its platform in Russia, but so far it cannot do this because of legislative restrictions. The authorities of the country could not determine their attitude to digital financial assets. But the company will launch a decentralized platform Binance DEX, which will be based on its own network Binance Chain.

Binance has launched a platform for cryptocurrency trading in Singapore and plans to come to Russia

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