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PayPal Accepts Crypto, New Social Network, Blockchain Wedding

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PayPal gives the green light to crypto. Is BitCloud a revolutionary social network? The first blockchain wedding.

PayPal Gives The Green Light To Crypto

PayPal has announced that it will allow its US customers to make payments in crypto currencies. It is expected that this solution will help significantly expand the use of crypto assets in the field of online sales.

PayPal promises to convert its customers' Bitcoins, Ethereums, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoins to fiat when making purchases from all processing partners. And there are nearly thirty million of such partners.

The CEO of PayPal Holdings Inc., Dan Shulman, promised in his release that in the near future the company's clients will be able to pay from their wallets using standard methods: bank cards and all the listed coins.

PayPal Gives The Green Light To Crypto

Is BitCloud A Revolutionary Social Network?

Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse - it would seem that there are plenty of social networks in the modern world, and what new can you think of with such a variety? Yet, human ambitions and capabilities of blockchain should not be underestimated. In March 2021 a new, fundamentally different social network, was published – BitCloud.

The BitCloud concept is truly different from anything that has been created before. In fact, the new social network offers to invest crypto in ... celebrities. It is assumed that Bitcoin users will purchase the platform's internal crypto and then invest it in an individual currency tied to the account of someone rich and famous. Naturally, the higher the demand for his cryptocurrency, the more expensive it will become. And the price of this crypto will directly depend on the popularity of each specific individual.

And along with the growing popularity of the profile on BitCloud, the well-being of the users who have invested in it will also increase. But will it work like that? Will the rich and famous agree to post their accounts on a strange social network? All these questions will remain unanswered for now. Moreover, there are also supporters of the opinion that BitCloud are scammers, which, however, has not yet been proven. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Is BitCloud A Revolutionary Social Network?

The First Blockchain Wedding

Crypto technologies are penetrating deeper and deeper into all spheres of our life, and now the first couple in the world has recorded their marriage on the blockchain of the Ethereum platform. The newlyweds are employees of the Coinbase crypto exchange.

In addition to the blockchain marriage, the inventive couple released a pair of rings - NFT tokens, which are stored in the crypto wallets of the bride and groom. The smart contract written for this crypto marriage is called ‘Tabaat’, which means ‘ring’ in Hebrew.

The traditional wedding with a white dress and a bridal veil, however, also took place for the innovative couple. Whether a smart contract will make a marriage more durable is, of course, unknown, but we wish the newlyweds to live the same flawless life as the unshakable blockchain.

The First Blockchain Wedding

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