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Millions for another NFT, millions of transactions, and an animal trader - counting money in the new crypto-news digest

Some Asshole for Snoop Dogg for 4 mln USD

There is barely a release of Crypto News that goes without mentioning funny and interesting stories about NFT-tokens. We definitely have one today: Snoop Dogg, an American rapper, bought a non-fungible token for his collection spending almost 4 mln USD on it. The singer paid 1300 ETH for a digital artwork called 'Some Asshole'.

It has not been long since the artist got fond of NFT tokens, literally a couple of months ago. But his collection already includes 9 artworks from a popular Crypto Punks series costing him up to 4,5 mln USD per token. Fun fact: Snoop bought the new artwork under the pseudonym Cozomo de Medici. Looks like this altered name of a bank owner from the XIV century is a reference to the powerful and rich family of Medici.

Some Asshole for Snoop Dogg for 4 mln USD

Honest Miner Gave Back 24 mln. USD

DeversiFi crypto exchange paid a miner a commission of 7626 ETH, or 24 mln USD, as a result of an unknown mistake. The lucky user did not fall into a temptation to make plastic surgery and transfer the funds to offshore sources, no, he acted honourably and gave the crypto back to the exchange.

The exchange showed its utter gratitude for such a galant gesture. It is, however, unknown if the miner received any material reward for his/her honesty. It is most likely that the mistaken amount emerged during the conversion of ETH into Tether by Bitfinex on DeversiFi.

It is worth noting that Tether stablecoin and Bitfinex exchange are affiliated with each other, as they have the same owners and management. According to its representative, Bitfinex is utterly curious about the results of the investigation.

Honest Miner Gave Back 24 mln. USD

Hamster Outdid Buffett

This piece of news could be labelled as 'These Funny Animals' if we had such a column. Yet our story is not only about a cute animal, it is about a rich animal. A hamster named Mr Goxx is the leading character of a crypto project where the rodent works as a trader and makes orders with tokens.

The little hamster became an investor this June when its owner - a man of great invention, - made for his pet an elaborate cage that has two tunnels, Buy and Sell. Our fluffy hero only needs to run down one of them - then the computer attached to the construction performs the corresponding orders. As for the trading asset, the hamster chooses it by spinning a special wheel that has names of different cryptocurrencies marked on it.

Trading this way, Mr Goxx managed to enlarge his investment portfolio by 30% over three months, starting with 390 USD and by now reaching almost 500 USD. And the peak sum was even higher - 580 USD, but after crypto bans in China, the hamster's revenue shrank. In percentage terms, his deals profitability outran the results of S&P500, Warren Buffett's fund, and many other professional investing funds.

Hamster Outdid Buffett

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