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Mark Carney's position, Bitcoin is above $ 10,000, ICO by Algorand

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Mark Carney told about distributed registry and a position of the Bank of England, Bitcoin raised beyond the psychologically crucial mark of $ 10,000. Algorand's ICO was successful.

Mark Carney on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The distributed registry services will once be able to connect to the Bank of England systems. This was stated by Mark Carney, the bank’s manager. Currently his agency is consulting on opening up an access to new billing systems. In addition to expanding investment opportunities, this can bring billions of pounds of liquidity into the financial system.

Nowadays, many companies are working on stablecoin settlement system, which can create completely new mechanisms for capital movement in the future. Money transfers will be instant due to blockchain use. The actual issue is that the regulator does not allow them to directly use their services, which creates additional difficulties.

 Mark Carney on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

Daily Bitcoin Turnover Increased to $ 1.4 Billion

Bitcoin turnover increased by 12% over the past month, while it became more expensive by 17%. Only over the past weekend, the first cryptocurrency was able to add 11%, raising beyond the psychologically crucial mark of $ 10,000. Messari researchers note that this happened during the growth of real cryptocurrency turnover; it amounted to $ 1.4 billion.

As a result, the BTC/USD pair managed to rise to $ 10,700 level. According to Tyler Winklevoss, the next threshold of $ 15,000 will be reached soon. However, this is not the most optimistic statement. Therefore, Thomas Lee, the Head of Fundstrat Global Advisors, is confident that the quotes will reach the level of $ 40,000. He thinks that the reason for such a growth is a fear of missing out that is moving towards the markets.

Daily Bitcoin Turnover Increased to $ 1.4 Billion

Algorand Blockchain Project Received $ 60 Million in 4 Hours

Coinlist platform initially placed Algo tokens. In just 4 hours, they managed to raise about $ 60 million, selling 25 million coins for $ 2.4. ICO has passed simultaneously with the launch of Algorand blockchain. Fast transactions processing was its distinguishing feature. It takes no more than 5 seconds, with a throughput of up to 1,000 operations per second.

The company announced that 10 billion coins would be issued in total, and this process will last for 5 years. Currently, only the first stage has passed, which brought in $ 60 million. In terms of its results, the total blockchain capitalization can reach $ 6 billion. This refers it to the top 10 ratings of the most expensive blockchains now. Moreover, Algo tokens, which have been already sold, are not yet distributed among the investors' wallets and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Algorand Blockchain Project Received $ 60 Million in 4 Hours

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