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How Crypto and Squids Have Wrapped the Planet In

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Double popular - when crypto and TV shows unite; riding the wave, or how Bitcoin and Ethereum are battling for leadership again; Kraken is slipping hints about listing - all that in our new release of crypto news

Squid Game Everywhere

Just a couple of months ago, the Game of Thrones from HBO was the leader in the world of TV shows and series. The epic story of the fantasy world won people's love a long time ago, and it seemed that it was holding on tight to the first place. However, nothing lasts forever, and the new Squid Game series has outshone the fame of GoT.

This show is based in the modern real world, particularly, in South Korea. However, why bother explaining, you have probably already watched it on Netflix. It is just worth noting that the Squid Game has become the most frequently watched series on the platform.

And now there already is a token with a simple name with direct reference to the show: Squid. Over the first couple of days, the cryptocurrency rate has grown over 400 times. The coin has been sold out even at the Pre-Sale stage. The Squid token was developed as a payment method based on the game from the series that is planned to be launched this November. Players will need to pay for taking part in every stage of the game, which, as in the series, will consist of six parts. 10% of the whole amount goes to the game developers, while the rest goes to the prize fund.

Squid Game Everywhere

Bitcoin and Ethereum Soar Up, while Dogecoin is Blocked by Exchanges

Last week, two major cryptocurrencies have already updated their all-time high levels. However, none of them managed to stay at the peak, so they both crawled back down a little bit. The Bitcoin rate has reduced by approximately 9%, while the Ethereum rate has fallen down by around 6%.

The analysts argue which of the coins is going to be more popular in the future, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Opinions differ, but Vitalik Buterin's work is admitted to have significant support from DeFi and NFT. We'd love to remind you that NFT-tokens are really at the top now, and many non-fungible tokens are created based on the Ethereum blockchain. The same can be said about DeFi projects.

Another altcoin is the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which was on the news this week on an absolutely different occasion. Looks like the planned software upgrade in the coin blockchain has introduced some bugs into the system. Which led to some exchanges, like Binance, to re-perform transactions with Dogecoin that were made by users several years ago. After that, some wallets with this currency were blocked by the exchange.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Soar Up, while Dogecoin is Blocked by Exchanges

Kraken Slips Hints

While some exchanges block Dogecoin owners' wallets, others promise soon to list the meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu. At least this is what users thought after what Brian Hoffman, one of the crypto exchange leaders, did.

Meanwhile, all he did was publish a Shiba Inu (dog) photo on his Twitter. In the picture, there is a doggo with its paws on a laptop keyboard. Hoffman's followers decided that it is definitely a hint of the forthcoming listing of Shiba Inu at Kraken.

Is it truth or not? All we can do is guessing. It is also extra intriguing that the picture was deleted soon after being published, and the exchange leaders are giving no comments. Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago there was a post at the exchange's official Twitter page that they would list the meme currency on Kraken if the post collects two thousand likes. As a result, the post got over 80 thousand of them...

Kraken Slips Hints

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