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Service from Falcon, ICO scope, opinion of the CBOE head

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Falcon Private Bank launched a cryptocurrency wallet with a withdrawal in Fiat, ICO volume remained at the same level. The head of the Chicago Stock Exchange CBOE talked about ETF.

Cryptocurrency wallets with Fiat withdrawal from Falcon Private Bank

Bank from Switzerland Falcon Private Bank has launched a new service. It offers to use Falcon wallet with the possibility of direct transfer of cryptocurrency to fiat money. Currently, only 4 of the most liquid cryptocurrencies are in the arsenal, but their number can be further increased.

Due to the loyal attitude of the local FINMA regulator to digital financial assets, the cryptocurrency industry is developing rapidly in the country. So, at the end of 2018, the Bitcoin-ETF fund was allowed to operate there. And at once several credit institutions began to introduce custodial services. The first on this list was Vontobel. However, its solution is more focused on large investors. In contrast, Falcon Private Bank can also be used by private individuals.

Cryptocurrency wallets with Fiat withdrawal from Falcon Private Bank

In 2019, ICO has already raised over $ 160 million

Internet resource ICObench conducted a study of investor activity during the initial distribution of tokens. In the first two weeks of 2019, a total of about $ 160 million was raised through ICO. A total of about 150 companies were launched, which allows us to name the average amount of attraction - a little more than $ 10 million.

The data allows us to make an interesting conclusion - despite the bearish trend of the cryptocurrency market, the procedure for placing tokens has not become less active. The numbers correspond to those shown throughout 2018. Now the capitalization of all completed ICOs is approximately $ 5 billion, that is, about 4% of the value of all cryptocurrencies combined.

In 2019, ICO has already raised over $ 160 million

Head of the Chicago Stock Exchange CBOE Bitcoin ETF

Ed Tilly, head of one of the largest trading platforms in the world, CBOE, expressed the hope that interest in cryptocurrency from the side of institutional investors would emerge. However, this will happen only if they are given the opportunity to use stock notes and other similar assets.

Now, major players have virtually no tools for working with cryptocurrencies. SEC has not yet approved the use of Bitcoin-ETF. This is explained by the fact that the regulator is not confident in the ability to fully protect the interests of investors. It is stopped with increased cryptocurrency volatility and the likelihood of course manipulation. However, Ed Tilly is confident that these problems will be solved in the near future.

The head of the Chicago Stock Exchange expects institutional investors

Head of the Chicago Stock Exchange CBOE Bitcoin ETF

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