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Bittrex and Poloniex accused of fraud. Brave browser forgot something. South Korea is on the way to new state crypto.

Largest crypto exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex accused of fraud

Bittrex and Poloniex are in the crosshairs, accused of deliberately and groundlessly increasing Bitcoin rate in 2017. As the lawsuit claims, they were providing the market with unsecured Tether tokens and therefore illegally increasing its rate.

As a result, the users who purchased Tether at the peak of its price considered themselves victims of fraud and filed a lawsuit in 2019. The exchanges are accused of emitting and selling tokens that were not secured with USD. Later, many used Tether to buy other crypto assets, which lead to ungrounded growth of cryptocurrencies rates.

Both exchanges are cooperating with the investigation and do not admit themselves guilty. Tether also disagree with the accusations of fraud.

We will continue following this case to see who wins the scandalous case.

Largest crypto exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex accused of fraud

Brave crypto browser 'forgot' to tell its users about in-built referral links

Cryptonator1337, one of the users of Brave, a browser popular among cryptocurrency owners, and also a podcast host, shared that the browser has in-built referral links that redirect to different crypto exchanges and wallets.

The browser positions itself as a private browser where users can turn off adds or receive money for watching them, but no one ever announced that it also has in-built referral links.

Earlier Brave added an option of storing, buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies via their partner, Binance exchange.

It is worth mentioning that the referral links leading to different crypto platforms and in-built into Brave have already been a topic of discussion for other users.

Brendan Eich, Brave CEO, explained it to be a technical error and promised to fix it.

Many were disturbed by the situation, for they were choosing this browser particularly for this chance of not watching hidden adds. We will soon see if the scandal slows down the growth of Brave users pool or the browser manages to keep increasing its audience.

Brave crypto browser 'forgot' to tell its users about in-built referral links

South Korea to launch their own crypto

South Korea Central Bank included making an official cryptocurrency into their programme of economic development for the nearest 10 years.

The country's main regulator is planning to create a new department that will study all the finest points of blockchain, Big Data and other digital mysteries necessary for creating a new cryptocurrency.

Seoul is planning to start testing a new government's cryptocurrency already next year.

South Korea to launch their own crypto

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