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Plans for Ethereum, SEC Study, Bitmain Farms

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The performance of the Ethereum network can grow to 100,000 operations, the SEC should take up regulation of the cryptocurrency market. Bitmain places ASICs with farmers.

Vitalik Buterin plans to increase network bandwidth of Ethereum

One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, in his interview told about plans to develop the blockchain. He believes that the main problem now is the very low bandwidth of the network. Now it is capable of processing only 14-15 operations per second. Those solutions that are already being created by his team will increase this number to 100,000.

The main directions for the development of Buterin sees in solving the problem of scaling calculations. When data can be processed not in a single center, but on separate devices, network performance will be much higher. Partially this idea will be implemented in hard forks Istanbul. It is expected that after it is carried out, the number of processed operations will increase to 14-15 thousand per second.

Vitalik Buterin plans to increase network bandwidth of Ethereum

How Bitmain plans to get out of the "winter" in the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency regulation should go to SEC

It turned out that so far no US organization is responsible for regulating the cryptocurrency market. The imperfection of the legislative base led to a misunderstanding of some points of the law. According to a study by the Analytical Center of the Brookings Institution, it is the SEC that can most effectively manage this process.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is the country's main regulatory body. That it has the maximum set of powers. At the same time, even within the SEC itself, there is no consensus about the development of digital financial assets. Some members of the commission advocate a transition to the principles of self-regulation, while another is convinced of the need for tighter control. At the same time, part of the senators and congressmen generally seek to transfer authority to the CFTC.

Cryptocurrency regulation should go to SEC

Bitmain plans to increase power

In the summer in China, there has traditionally been a decline in electricity prices. On the eve of this event, Bitmain plans to deploy approximately 200,000 ASIC devices. To this end, it is negotiating with farmers in places with cheap electricity.

With that price for electricity, which was last year, and with the current cost of cryptocurrency, one ASIC will bring from 1.29 to 3.38 dollars per day. That is, the total income from this operation will be approximately $ 7.7 million. However, it is impossible to estimate the profitability of this action, since the cost of each unit of machinery is unknown.

Bitmain plans to increase power

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