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400 000 ASICs from Ebang, bitcoin on CME, Mizuho and J-Coin

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Ebang plans to release 400,000 miners, the turnover of bitcoin CME futures reached a historic high. Mizuho launches payment system on blockchain.

Ebang plans to increase production of miners

The company Ebang, which controls 9.2% of the world market of equipment for mining, announced plans to release in 2019 at least 400 thousand units of new asics. In 2017, sales amounted to 159,000 devices, in the first half of last year - 409,000. Data for the second half of 2018 were not disclosed.

However, it is known that due to lower prices for cryptocurrencies, Ebang announced a significant drop in production. Now its experts are confident that the negative situation is over, and the asics will again be in high demand. Now the company is preparing to enter the initial public offering through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Ebang plans to increase production of miners

Bitcoin on CME updated historic highs

Cryptocurrency futures trading volumes have updated historic highs. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME reports that the daily turnover reached 18,000 contracts, which corresponds to $ 360 million. The new instrument was launched on the exchange in December 2017, but then investors were more careful when buying digital financial instruments.

Now the situation has changed. At CME, it is noted that large players have become more active. Interest in large contracts with a volume above 25 bitcoins appears. The number of such positions is kept at a consistently high level, and does not fall below 43 pieces. The message from CME coincided with the news from cryptoexchange platforms. Here the daily turnover reached a maximum over a period of 300 days.

Bitcoin on CME updated historic highs

Mizuho Financial Group launches its cryptocurrency

Bank holding from Japan Mizuho Financial Group has confirmed that on March 1 its own cryptocurrency will be launched - J-Coin stablecoin. It will be used to pay via the J-Coin Pay app. Now the holding has more than 56 million customers, and in total it unites 60 companies in the financial industry.

Experts believe that Mizuho plans to create a mobile payment system that can compete with existing networks. During the operation, the user will only need to scan the QR code with the camera of his phone. Moreover, the transfer will be absolutely free for the buyer. In the coming years, the holding plans to reach 300,000 retail outlets and 6.5 million active users.

Why Japan will be first in cryptocurrency world

Mizuho Financial Group launches its cryptocurrency

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