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Diar research, development on Bittrex and Bakkt

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Diar reports a record growth in the cryptomarket, Bittrex is launching a platform for over-the-counter trading. Bakkt acquires assets of Rosenthal Collins Group.

The cryptomarket volume in 2018 was a record

As the research of the Diar company showed, in 2018 the turnover of most cryptocurrency exchanges increased significantly. Compared with the previous period, it grew from 14.1 to 192%. Each site showed its growth, so it is not possible to display the average figure.

At the same time, the arrangement has changed among miners. Their total revenue for 2018 is estimated at $ 5.8 billion. Bitmain has become the clear leader. The pool created by it ViaBTC in the first half of the year controlled more than 53% of the computing power of the network. By the end of the year, the share of small sites increased, and ViaBTC accounted for only 39% of the market. This greatly increases decentralization and makes the blockchain more protected from possible attacks.

Why volume of cryptomarket is growning

The cryptomarket volume in 2018 was a record

Bittrex Exchange connects to over-the-counter trading

Bittrex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, launches its own over-the-counter trading platform. It will feature more than 200 assets, which will significantly diversify trade risks. The company has made its central reference point the provision of quality services to large customers. So, there will be a guaranteed price for orders worth more than $ 250 thousand.

According to the latest data, it is the over-the-counter trade in cryptoaccounts that increasingly attract institutional investors. Coinbase and Polonix have already created similar sites. A feature of this trade is the exchange of assets directly between the buyer and the seller. Due to this, it becomes possible to reduce transaction costs.

Bittrex Exchange connects to over-the-counter trading

Bakkt bought out Rosenthal Collins Group

The operator of the New York Stock Exchange Bakkt bought out the assets of the company Rosenthal Collins Group. It is noteworthy that Bakkt has not yet received approval from the Commission on commodity futures for the launch of the bitcoin-ETF fund.

Experts report that such an action of a financial institution speaks of its confidence in the success of the undertaking. Actually, now we are not talking about whether the regulator will approve the activities of the new fund. Most likely, now the only question is when exactly this will happen. According to the latest news, the CFTC should make a decision until January 27, 2018. However, there is no firm certainty that the regulator will not find new reasons for the transfer of the final decision.

Bakkt bought out Rosenthal Collins Group

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