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Do Kwon is still at large; Land of the Rising Sun becomes Land of the Crypto Decline; there is no porn without AI anymore - read in the new crypto-news digest by LH-Crypto.

LUNA Story - True Detective

For many weeks now, we've been discussing the situation of the LUNA crash. Today, we still have something new to tell. A little while ago, the Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon, the Terra founder, and his team. However, he's not so eager to step out and give himself in and keeps hiding away.

Now, there is a new touch to the big picture: Interpol has issued the Red Notice for Do Kwon. With all that in mind, no wonder that Terra Classic (LUNC) has drastically lost 20% of its value. None of the friends and relatives of the disgraced entrepreneur has any idea of his whereabouts; according to them, he's cut all contacts with them.

And now it turns out that Do Kwon has withdrawn over 3300 Bitcoins from the Luna Foundation Guard 3 wallet. The rumour has it that the funds left through KuCoin and OKEx exchanges. The authorities instantly demanded them to freeze the funds, KuCoin met the authorities' requirements and blocked 1'354 BTC. However, the second exchange didn't do anything. Let's wait and see what this scandalous LUNA story ends up with.

LUNA Story - True Detective

Japan Fights Crypto Money Laundering

In many countries, the authorities are restless because of the idea of how the "dirty" capitals are laundered with the help of the decentralised crypto market. So Japan, famous for its advanced technologies, decided to make fighting this unpleasant phenomenon a serious matter. The government of the Land of the Rising Sun announced some serious new restrictions in that field.

For instance, Japanese crypto exchanges will no longer be anonymous and will have to report all the details of their clients' personal information, including their names and even addresses. These new rules will apply to absolutely all cryptocurrencies. These changes may be accepted as soon as next Monday; if accepted, they will come into force in spring 2023.

A year ago, Japan already started thinking of protecting its crypto investors from potential risks, and the country's financial regulatory body even created a division to watch over crypto assets. So the currently harshening conditions for crypto exchanges are a logical following of the country's controlling policies over unstable cryptocurrencies. Well, remember the LUNA story? Maybe they have a point.

Japan Fights Crypto Money Laundering

AI Working on PornHub

Yes, we know what you thought after reading this headline. And, no, it's about the world-famous porn site using AI to distract their clients from potentially illegal content. A specially designed software will persuade users to abandon the idea of looking for videos of underage abuse.

For over half a year, a special algorithm starts a chat with a robot for clients who use certain keywords in their search. It offers help and gives advice. Activists believe that this should have a serious impact and help fight child abuse.

We must admit, only throughout the first trial month, the bot was activated over 170'000 times. Then the AI invites the user to visit the sites of Lucy Faithful Foundation and IWF where the lost souls can receive professional help.

Well, it is not the first time that the popular adult site shows its active civil position. For instance, back in the COVID-19 pandemic, the site provided free access to its content for everyone.

AI Working on PornHub

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