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Hackers Beat New Records, USA Threatens Crypto Market, Токены от Rammstein - check the freshest crypto-news

Hackers Beat New Records

Last week hackers stole more than 600 mln USD from the crypto wallets of Poly Network platform users. Blockchain was hacked on August 10th, when the hackers withdrew the largest for today amount of Ethereums. Then hackers must have felt like Robin Hood and transferred 42 thousand USD in ETH to a random user's wallet. However, s/he managed to resist the temptation and sent the stolen funds to the Ethereum network founder Vitalik Buterin.

However, it is quite unlikely that the hackers who committed today's largest crypto crime will manage to use the stolen funds. It is more likely that the stolen funds will be blocked by crypto exchanges and blockchains. And, of course, this biggest DeFi theft will spark a huge interest in law enforcement officials, so they will do their best to catch the thieves.

The hackers already announced to Poly Network founders that they are ready to return the funds and even started sending them back. However, it is still unclear if they are speaking about the whole amount or only a part of it. We are hoping that the hackers will be wise enough, however funny it sounds.

Hackers Beat New Records

USA Threatens Crypto Market

The US Senate already prepared a law that experts call a real threat to the whole crypto industry. The authorities are trying to control and tax everyone who has any connection with blockchain technologies: from miners to software developers and crypto traders. Clearly enough, this initiative outraged the crypto community. Apart from that, the market players outline that it is impossible to have such control. Operators simply don't have access to the information of payment purposes or crypto owners who make such transactions.

The Senate is also divided into two parties on crypto processing participants. A part of senators asked to not apply the new law to wallet developers, miners, node operators, and other "tech" specialists who are not directly involved in financial issues. However, they did not manage to reach an agreement and the law was sent to the House of Representatives without the amendments that would exclude miners, operators, etc. from the list of people who are obliged to report their crypto to the government.

Meanwhile, the authorities believe that the law bears no threats to the industry and will not hinder the work of miners. And that it is mainly aimed at professionals of the market who are busy reselling crypto for speculative profit - brokers. Yet, if the law is accepted as it is, there is a real threat of technical difficulties with the reports among many crypto market participants: software developers, miners, stakers, liquidity providers, etc.

USA Threatens Crypto Market

Tokens From Rammstein

It has been a while since we last posted reports about some new unbelievable NFT-tokens from celebrities. Now Till Lindemann - ex-frontman of the famous German group Rammstein and an audacious singer, - started selling his own non-fungible coins.

There are five types of NFT tokens available in different price categories. The most expensive one costs 100'000 USD and includes a personal meeting with the singer. The native of GDR and a big fan of Russia and the Russian language, he is ready to meet this token buyer in Moscow.

Today probably only the laziest of celebrities have not tried using NFT. Non-fungible tokens are emitted by sportsmen, artists, other art folks, and more. Well, the demand provides the supply, and now NFT tokens are quite a good investment tool, just like collecting antiques and art objects.

Meanwhile, the Lindemann tokens story has a scandal in it: the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg, one of the greatest museums of Russia, famous around the globe for its wonderful collections of art objects, - the Museum accused the singer of illegal use of the Winter Palace interior in the image of his NFT tokens. According to the Museum, Till once asked them permission to shoot a video for one of his songs, the Hermitage granted this permission, but also strictly outlined that it is forbidden to publish photos from the shooting. It is unprecedented that a serious museum is involved in a scandal connected with NFT tokens.

Tokens from Rammstein

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