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Coinbase's Success, XRP Growth, Investfunds Enter Blockchain

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How Coinbase's listing happened, how Ripple case develops and how investfunds enter blockchain.

Is Coinbase more expensive than Nasdaq?

So, Coinbase held what is today called one of the most successful IPOs in the crypto industry. At the close of the trading session, fees totalled over $ 86 billion.

Then the crypto exchange successfully listed on one of the real platforms - Nasdaq, and as a result, in the shortest possible time, outstripped it in terms of its capitalization. Starting at $381 a share shortly after the listing, the cryptocurrency exchange's stock soared to $428. Thus, Coinbase has more than three times surpassed Nasdaq Incorporated in terms of capitalization.

Many sources attribute such a powerful debut to the fact that Coinbase became a pioneer in the crypto world, first breaking into the platforms, where until now companies have never traded. In general, this can also be assessed as a positive phenomenon for the entire industry: more and more people trust cryptocurrencies and their future is very optimistic.

Is Coinbase more expensive than Nasdaq?

Exchange traded funds move to blockchain

If the first piece of news was about the integration of the crypto exchange into the world of finance, this one, on the contrary, is about the transition of investment funds to the crypto industry. Just last Monday, the Toronto Canadian Funds Exchange launched trading of investment funds Appointment ETF, CI Galaxy ETF and Evolves ETF based on the Ethereum blockchain. These are the first such instruments in the world.

Just a week earlier, Canadian regulators gave the go-ahead to the Purpose, Galaxy and Evolves funds to launch them on the basis of Ethereum, and now the new instruments are already being traded greatly on the exchange.

Canada continues to be a very crypto-friendly country, but it was still outperformed by Brazil, which has previously registered a Bitcoin-based ETF.

Exchange traded funds move to blockchain

Ripple is feeling better

Over the past week, the Ripple cryptocurrency has had an excellent growth - almost 100%. On April 13, it reached a new high of $ 1.8 per coin. The surge is almost certainly due to the positive dynamics for Ripple in the SEC case against the company's management. Ripple's lawyers filed a motion to terminate the Securities Commission's claim due to insufficient evidence of the guilt of the company's top managers.

However, the cryptocurrency did not stay at the maximum for long and then dropped slightly. However, the overall situation with Ripple is not bad and clearly gives hope for further strengthening of this coin. Especially if you side with the company and dismiss the SEC's claim.

Can Ripple climb to its peak value of $ 3.29 per coin in 2018? Read the crypto news and be the first to know about everything!

Ripple is feeling better

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