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Cardano Top 3, How NFT-Token Costs Millions

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Cardano is in Top 3. Crypto is the new Art?

Cardano Is In Top 3

People who are familiar with crypto news are already used to the total unpredictability that crypto entails. Currencies and tokens sky-rocket and dive down, winning or losing the prize and the pedestal. Cardano is one of those unicorns that has suddenly grown by 20 odd per cent and reached the top three of the crypto money in just a day.

The third-generation currency, as its founders call it, was promoted by the fact it was accepted for listing at Coinbase PRO. However, Cardano used to show good results before that as well - up to 300%. Experts claim it was caused by the renovated and updated Cardano blockchain.

Some invest funds specialists carefully expect this cryptocurrency to be very promising and even more expensive than good old Bitcoin. However, the old dog is still fighting like a lion. Even though Bitcoin may lower in price and reach 55'000 USD, it had in fact reached the 60'000 USD maximum again.

Cardano Is In Top 3

Crypto Is The New Art?

Blockchain, Bitcoin, token - just yesterday this vocabulary was relevant to only the selected few; today, crypto technologies are so seamlessly integrated into our everyday life, that even Art itself goes digital.

Mike Winkelmann is an American artist who works under a pseudonym Beeple or Beeple Crap. He is considered to be one of the top expensive artists of today. But of course, he doesn't work with paint brushes, but only with clicks of his mouse. Over the past 10 years, he never failed to entertain his fans with new pictures on his Instagram. The pictures are made with computer graphics; they can be defined as hi-tech fantasy with elements of pop culture. It normally tends to joke and criticise some celebrity or social concept. Over the 10 years, he has never missed a single day, including the day of his own marriage and other challenging moments. However, it has not been that long since he received wide media coverage - just because one of his digital works was sold for 69 million USD as an NFT token. It is not the first picture of his that is sold this way, but so far the most expensive one.

Crypto Is The New Art?

NFT tokens are growing fast. Putting it in a nutshell, it is a unique blockchain code that confirms: some virtual object is authentic and can be used by some person. The infamous influencer Elon Musk also once put on sale a crypto asset in a form of a music track with an NFT tied down to it. Beeple, on the other hand, offered the inventor 69 million USD, but only if he manages to sell his most expensive painting this way. Musk failed to sell the token, but that's a whole different story...

Why would it matter to ordinary people like you and me if NFT tokens are sold on blockchain platforms, if crazy genius inventors buy and sell, in fact, nothing but air? Yet now well-known auction houses start getting involved into this digital craze. The most expensive picture by Beeple was in fact the first digital object ever sold on Christie's for crypto. And now Sotheby's is also eager to include some objects paired with NFT tokens. Winkelmann is already busy working with their rivals, so Sotheby's had to find another supplier of digital masterpieces: an anonymous artist Pak.

The world is really going to the dogs as we are witnessing the birth of a brand new type of art. Let's see what happens next, while here in Crypto News, we will tell you all the details on the current crypto affairs.

Crypto Is The New Art?

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