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Crypto billionaire at 27. Reddit users want to create their own state. Tits Coin vs. Dogecoin - who wins?

Crypto Billionaire At 27

The name of Vitalik Buterin must be familiar to everyone who is at least a little interested in the crypto world. And no wonder why, for he is the one who created the world's second most popular and expensive cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Moreover, this is exactly the blockchain that hosts most crypto projects today.

Born in a small town in Central Russia - Kolomna - Vitalik by the age of 27 managed to become the youngest crypto billionaire in the world. Ethereum grew quite steadily in price on May 3, for the first time in its history managing to break through the $3000 level and continued to grow further. The founder of this blockchain owns more than 300,000 Ether coins and, as a result of its strengthening, the value of Buterin's wallet exceeded one billion, thereby making him the youngest USD billionaire.

Over the past year, Ethereum grew in price by over 320%, while its younger sibling Ethereum Classic demonstrated an astonishing growth of 2000% from only the beginning of 2021.

Crypto Billionaire At 27

Reddit Users Want to Create Their Own State

We all remember the bombshell effect of the case from the beginning of the year, when average users managed to outplay and almost bankrupt several professional invest funds from Wall Street. The same players united on one of Reddit forums are going to make another dream come true - make their own independent country.

For these purposes, they are already looking out for an island. The code of laws of the future state has not yet been determined, but it is known that at least TikTok will be banned in it, and it is proposed to use Lego pieces as currency.

The users also wish to enlist the financial and other support from the eccentric richman and inventor Elon Musk, but at the same time they are ready to offer him the post of President of the Memland state - this is how the future new country will be called. As far as Musk himself is interested in the project is officially unknown so far, but the news will surely appear soon, given his activity.

Reddit Users Want to Create Their Own State

Tits Coin vs. Dogecoin - Who Wins?

Our irreplaceable leader in the delivery of news from the crypto world - Elon Musk continues to excite the market with his Tweets. Recently, his message about the desire to purchase a puppy of the Shiba Inu breed (which is the symbol of DogeCoin) caused the growth of the Shiba Inu token by 68%!

The mocking DogeCoin keeps showing great results. On May the 4th, this cryptocurrency took over the 4th place at CoinMarketCap for its capitalization, and it still keeps growing. EToro and Gemini platforms added this unusual token, while Oakland Athletics baseball club even started accepting Doge Coin as a payment method.

We have been following DogeCoin closely, but it may be so that soon it is replaced by another token. Lana Rhoades, a widely known 18+ actress has declared her desire to make a new cryptocurrency. The new promising, according to the founder, coin will have a complex and metaphoric name: TITS COIN. Let's see, if this new coin manages to outgrow DogeCoin, in the next Crypto News by LH-Crypto.

Tits Coin vs. Dogecoin - Who Wins?

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