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BTC To The Moon, ETH Fork And What Musk Has To do With It

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Bitcoin: trendy again. New Ethereum hardfork? Musk twits affect MarsCoin.

Bitcoin: Trendy Again

The first cryptocurrency is conquering new heights again. For the first time in history, Bitcoin has surpassed the level of 51'000 USD. The 3% growth in 24 hours is most likely caused by SybNiotic SE decision to transfer a part of their assets into Bitcoins. The company stocks are traded at Dusseldorf stock exchange, but the board is not eager to stay in good old fiat, Euro and Dollar, for their instability.

However, it's not only the pragmatic Germans who switch to cryptocurrencies. One of the pioneers of this trend is the famous visionary Elon Musk. Today, many US companies are seriously considering purchasing Bitcoin. If they do, the first cryptocurrency's rate may very well reach 100'000 USD.

As usual, not all traders profited from the sudden price change. One of the most discussed losses is an almost 10-mln-USD-worth order. Well, it's market, and it always bears certain risks.

Bitcoin: Trendy Again

New Ethereum Hardfork?

The second most popular cryptocurrency also is the talk of the town: Vitalik Buterin, the crypto founder, announced a new hardfork for Ethereum 2.0.

The fork is supposed to help integrate light wallets into Ethereum network and increase its productivity. Light wallets are expected to attract new inexperienced crypto users and make Ethereum products closer to the general public. Also, the hardfork will help adjust the network to further changes, including merging with the very first version of Ethereum.

Another important change after the hardfork is changed fines for validators. Just a couple of weeks ago, over 70 validators were fined for overestimating the amount of funds stored on their platforms with an intention of getting rewards.

New Ethereum Hardfork?

Musk Twits Affect MarsCoin

The world's famous newsmaker, an entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk, has disrupted the markets with his twits again. Elon Musk joked that he would have called his crypto MarsCoin, if he ever started his own crypto.

But then it turned out that such coin already exists. In just an hour after the thoughtless twit from Tesla founder, users started chasing furiously those previously-happily-unknown coins and ended up raising its price from 0,1 USD to 2,5 USD.

The fact that the coin has nothing to do with Musk doesn't stop the users, as the demand for MARS is still quite high, it is now traded around the level of 0,28 USD.

Musk Twits Affect MarsCoin

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