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BTC ATMs in US, MasterCard Sceptical & JPMorgan Has Its Coin

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Bitcoin-To-Cash ATMs Will Soon Cover All USA. MasterCard CEO Doubts The Universal Nature Of Bitcoin. One Of USA’s Largest Banks Announces Successful Launch Of Its Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin-To-Cash ATMs Will Soon Cover All USA

LibertyX, one of the biggest networks of Bitcoin ATMs in the USA, is expanding Bitcoin exchange options at its ATMs. According to a recent announcement as of October 26, 2020, LibertyX enables Bitcoin cashout feature at 5000 regular ATMs, installed by this company, across the United States of America. So, people can now sell Bitcoin for cash at any of the participating ATMs.

Company’s CEO and co-founder Chris Yim said that previously their software only supported Bitcoin purchases with debit cards. The latest addition allows holders to receive cash for selling their Bitcoin.

It is no coincidence, for sure, that LibertyX wants to provide instant Bitcoin cashouts as the token hits new 2020 highs: as of the time of writing, father of all cryptocurrencies’ price was hitting a staggering 14000 USD, making it close to the all-time high!

Bitcoin-To-Cash ATMs Will Soon Cover All USA

MasterCard CEO Doubts The Universal Nature Of Bitcoin

Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard, one of two global duopolies of plastic card transactions, expressed an opinion, that the first and major cryptocurrency is hardly to become a future universal key for all those people all over the world who are currently banking-services deprived. All the more to those deprived of these services before.

‘Cryptocurrency’s volatility draws them back’, said Mr. Banga. He believes, that Bitcoin, to the same extent as other cryptocurrencies, and digital currencies in general are of little help to billions of people globally, who are in need for banking services. ‘Can you imagine, that people with no previous experience in dealing with financial services, would easily start operating an asset, which costs two bottles of sparkling water today and twenty-one — tomorrow?’

However, Ajay Banga is reassured in the bright future of independent countries’ central banks’ digital currencies. These would be of much use especially for international transfers of purchasing operation payments, but, surely, will hardly aid the global access to the financial services.

MasterCard CEO Doubts The Universal Nature Of Bitcoin

One Of USA’s Largest Banks Announces Successful Launch Of Its Cryptocurrency

JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the leading megalomania-sized giants of American banking, proudly announced last week that ‘cryptocurrency by JPMorgan was born!’ Digital currency, modestly named JPM Coin, saw its first use in international commercial payment transfer made by anonymous tech corporation, a client of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Takis Georgakopoulos, head of Wholesale Payments, refused to uncover corporation’s name, but this could no way come unnoticed by its competitors, not to mention by other major JPMorgan’s Clients.

The Bank, one of the oldest and respected in North America, is not resting on laurels and was among the first to settle a department for crypto-technologies development — Best way to prove, that traditions are no obstacle for a cutting-edge progress. For sure, all involved in the project are really proud of the results. As well as the top-management: it was already announced, that, after careful study of project results, bank is to establish one more tech-department, nicknamed Onyx, employing over a hundred professionals in developing blockchain and digital currencies.

We will keep on overlooking the most successful developments of cryptocurrencies and will share best of them with you!

One Of USA’s Largest Banks Announces Successful Launch Of Its Cryptocurrency

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