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Bondly's Fall Without a Fight, nodes' records, Binance Reinsures

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Bondly Finance Break brought BONDLY price down by 96%; Bitcoin network growing: numbers record high; Binance stops supporting tokens based on stocks - read in the freshest cryptonews.

Bondly Finance Break Brought BONDLY Price Down by 96%

After an attack to Bondly Finance protocol, the native token of non-interchangeable tokens marketplace BONDLY lost more than 96% of its value. According to PeckShield, an analytical company, the hackers managed to gain control over the Bondly Finance smart contract. The administrator rights enabled the hackers to create an extra emission of 373 million BONDLY tokens, which is equivalent to 22 mln USD. Analysts presume that there might be one of Bondly Finance team among the hackers.

The emission of such a number of tokens already led to a sharp fall in the price, and the fall continues. As of this writing, BONDLY/USDT pair is getting lower than the point of $0,0045 (-96%), reaching zero. Developers ask users to temporarily stop trading the token and so far refuse to comment on the fact of the break, nor do they share any details on the event before the end of the investigation.

The Bondly Finance project was claimed to be a transparent payment protocol for exchanging NFT-tokens in digital business exchange deals. It entered the market in 2020 as a part of the Polkadot network but later increased its services to Ethereum blockchain too.

There are several other DeFi projects among smart contracts based on Binance Smart Chain system (BSC) that experienced attacks too. For instance, BurgerSwap, Bogged Finance, FinNexus, and others went through so-called flash credit attacks.

Bondly Finance Break Brought BONDLY Price Down by 96%

Bitcoin Network Growing: Numbers Record High

The Bitcoin Network continues acquiring new nodes, showing that people's interest in cryptocurrency grows. Currently, the number of available nodes has surpassed the record of 13000. In January 2021, the number ‘only’ amounted to 11613.

The software version Bitcoin Core 0.21.1 was published in May with the activation code Taproot. According to Coin.Dance, currently Bitcoin Core is considered to be the most popular software and is used with almost 5000 nodes. The results shared by Bitnodes are a little different; according to them, there are 5125 nodes working with Bitcoin Core, or 40% of the total amount.

Another product gaining more and more popularity among companies is the browser Thor; judging by the data provided by Bitnodes, it is used for half of the nodes, though only in the beginning of the year, it only served for no more than a quarter of the total amount. The popularity behind Thor is easy to explain - it provides an extra level of confidentiality changing the IP addresses of the nodes that are connecting to the network.

With the growing number of nodes, grows Bitcoin decentralization. According to Bitnodes, the number of nodes over the year grew by 2739, and it is unlikely that the number would fall in the nearest future.

Bitcoin Network Growing: Numbers Record High

Binance Stops Supporting Tokens Based on Stocks

From today, the crypto exchange Binance will stop supporting tokens that are based on stocks of companies. This division was launched just three months ago, but the exchange saw this project as unprofitable.

Binance representatives commented on their decision as follows: "As the crypto ecosystem develops and Binance and the community grow, we keep reviewing our own products and working with our partners on satisfying users' needs. Today, we would like to announce that we stop supporting stock tokens at, to change our commercial focus on other products."

Binance company started working with stock tokens back in April 2021. The exchange clients who already used this service will have 90 days to sell their stock tokens. Traders have to get rid of their tokens till the 15th of October when all the active positions will be closed automatically. The residents of the European Economic Area will also be able to transfer their stock tokens to their eminent platforms.

Currently, stock tokens are still traded at the FTX exchange that also uses the services of CM-Equity AG. It is still unclear if the regulatory bodies will send their objections to FTX as well.

Binance Stops Supporting Tokens Based on Stocks

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