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S17 and T17 from Bitmain, streaming BitTorrent, Nornickel stablecoin

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Bitmain plans to launch miners S17 and T17, BitTorrent has announced a streaming service. The world leader in the production of palladium and stablecoin.

Bitmain hopes for miners S17 and T17

The largest manufacturer of miners Bitmain Technologies was in a difficult financial situation because of the situation in the cryptocurrency market. In the summer of 2018, it received $ 700 million from investors, which helped to avoid bankruptcy. However, after its IPO failed, investors are ready to file a collective claim for a refund.

In Bitmain hope to solve the problem by running the miners of the model S17 and T17. They are built on a second-generation 7nm chip, which is 30% more efficient than its predecessor. In addition, a bitcoin halving will take place in a year, at which the unit remuneration will drop significantly. The company last week appointed a new CEO and announced the continuation of work on entering the IPO. However, some analysts are talking about a crisis in the Bitmain business model. Its closest competitors feel quite good at the current cryptocurrency rate and show good financial results

Bitmain hopes for miners S17 and T17

Streaming service BitTorrent Live has started

The Tron torrent client BitTorrent bought by blockchain project in the winter of 2019 had a very successful ICO. Its tokens were sold out in just 18 minutes, after which the price of the asset increased by almost 800%. Now the development team is launching a new service based on BitTorrent.

It allows online broadcasting in real time. To monetize the developers plan to use the blockchain. Already in the second quarter of 2019, BitTorrent Live will be available in test mode. Here users will be able to communicate with each other, or watch the broadcast of popular personalities.

Streaming service BitTorrent Live has started

Nornickel plans to launch stablecoin tied to palladium

Vladimir Potanin, a Russian entrepreneur and owner of a 30% stake in Nornickel, plans to launch a steylbcoin based on palladium. Negotiations are underway with the Swiss regulator on the solution of the legal problems of this undertaking.

Potanin hopes that he will be able to implement this project by the end of 2019. Difficulties are not so much technical as legal aspects. Already, there are enough blockchain platforms that could serve as the basis for launching tokens. However, the entrepreneur needs to coordinate it with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which is very wary of digital financial assets.

What is feature of russian stablecoin

Nornickel plans to launch stablecoin tied to palladium

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