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$ 1 billion for Bitfinex, mass hacking of repositories, SDX token from SIX

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Bitfinex Exchange plans IEO to issue a new token and pay off losses, hackers hacked into the largest repositories and are demanding a ransom in BTC, SDX, the SIX Swiss exchange's own token

How to collect $ 1 billion in the course of IEO - what does Bitfinex plan

One of the over-the-counter traders said that the organizers of IEO, representatives of Bitfinex, threatened with just such a sum. A shareholder of Dong Zhao, Twitter, presented a document allegedly drawn up by iFinex. Earlier, Zhao spoke about the intentions of the site to release a new token.

We would like to remind that iFinex representatives have already managed to notify LEO holders that they will be able to get discounts on commission fees, interesting conditions for withdrawing funds and loans. The sale of the digital asset is planned to unfreeze $ 850 million in the accounts of the Panamanian payment operator Crypto Capital, as the US prosecuting authority has questions about Bitfinex about this.

Expert forecasts on Bitfinex plans

what does Bitfinex plan

Hackers attacked digital asset stores and demand a ransom in BTC

In the first days of May 2019, a massive hacker attack occurred on the repositories of the largest sites. GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket suffered, in which almost 400 storages were cracked. Unknown attackers give a period of 10 days to provide them with a ransom in the amount of 0.1 BTC (according to this is $ 572). Otherwise, hackers will make public the source code, which, so far as they claim, has not been saved by servers.

Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency repository owners still use weak passwords. However, at present, hackers have not received a single ransom. Representatives of the affected services have already responded to the event and invited their customers to contact the support for data recovery. In this case, you can not worry about redemption.

Hackers attacked BTC

New token from SIX Swiss Exchange

According to the SIX representative, there are prerequisites and developments for the release of a new token. Own digital coin will be used to digitize other assets. Preparation and testing should be completed in 2019, and IDO will start in 2020. Interestingly, the standards used in the IPO will be used to conduct the initial digital offering.

According to Thomas Zib, the new token with the SDX ticket will help to convert stocks, funds, and securities into digital assets. At the same time, the Swiss exchange continues to work on the blockchain platform, which will provide all sorts of services for assets that have passed tokenization.

New token from SIX Swiss Exchange

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