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Bitcoin is trend, JPMorgan and Ethereum, Bitspark on transactions

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The price of bitcoin will rise, JPMorgan Bank increases the ethereum anonymity. Bitspark reports on the advantages of Bitcoin over Ripple in cross-border transfers.

The market expects a new wave of growth of Bitcoin

Several analysts immediately announced a continuation of the upward trend in the cryptocurrency market. In an interview with Forbes, Naeem Aslam from ThinkMarkets says that over the next two weeks, the price will rise to $ 10,000. Along with this, he is confident that this will turn out to be an explosive movement with the resulting resistance level being broken.

Jehan Chu from Kenetic Capital agrees with him. In an interview with Bloomberg, he indicated that the influx of large investors will ensure the growth of the BTC / USD pair to a level of $ 30,000. Moreover, the expert is confident that this will happen no later than the end of 2020. In addition, the cost of cryptocurrency will have a positive impact on the launch of parallel projects. Facebook, GlobalCoin and JPMorgan spur users' interest in digital financial assets.

The market expects a new wave of growth of Bitcoin

JPMorgan has developed a solution for the ethereum platform

JPMorgan bank developed a solution that will significantly increase the anonymity of transactions in the ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the addition to the Zether protocol, now even the transfer recipient will not know any information about the sender. It is expected that this decision is going to be implemented in the bank in Quorum blockchain. It is also built on the ethereum algorithm.

Even now JPMorgan has attracted more than 200 credit organizations from around the world to work on Quorum. Here it is planned to create a new payment system with a completely new architecture. The calculations will be based on JPMorgan cryptocurrency with a fixed rate.

JPMorgan has developed a solution for the ethereum platform

Bitspark is confident in the advantage of Bitcoin over Ripple

The head of the payment company Bitspark said that the first cryptocurrency is much more profitable as a means of transferring money. Even for this purpose, the created Ripple tokens (XRP) cannot compete with Bitcoin. George Harrap notes that the low liquidity of Ripple leads to problems. Despite the fact that the transaction on the blockchain is carried out much faster, after that you need to convert the asset into fiat money.

However, local services prefer to use Bitcoin for this purpose. As a result, this particular coin turns out to be more profitable. Now there are almost no problems with the exchange of Bitcoin for the dollar. However, if it is necessary to convert the ripple into the Turkish lira or another currency with little liquidity, a large number of trading operations will have to be made. And as a result, each of them will increase the total commission.

When raise of BTC will stopped?

Bitspark is confident in the advantage of Bitcoin over Ripple

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