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Bitcoin in search engines, G20 and cryptocurrencies, predictions

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In search engines, Bitcoin came out on top, the G-20 countries would discuss cryptocurrencies. Experts are confident in the rally in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin has become a leader in search engines

In China, the number of requests for the word "bitcoin" was in the first place. The national search engine Baidu reports that over the past week it has been searched three times more often. At the same time, it was able to score 9,715 points. The second most popular query scored a total of 2,236 points.

It is noteworthy that the same three-fold growth was recorded by Google Trends. Users are most interested in bitcoin in conjunction with the words "price", "buy", "shares". After the price of cryptocurrency showed a sharp jump, ordinary citizens became actively interested in digital financial assets. However, it is too early to talk about the awakening of demand. Ordinary users are still trying to understand the reason for such a sudden movement.

Bitcoin has become a leader in search engines

G20 will discuss the problems of regulation of the cryptocurrency market

At the next G-20 meeting, the leaders of the countries will again discuss the issue of cryptocurrency market regulation. The conference, scheduled for July 8-9, will have to define the attitude of the leaders of the world economy and digital financial assets. In particular, the question of anonymity of users will be raised here.

It is expected that the authorities will want to establish strict rules for registering new buyers and distributors. This can fundamentally change the attitude of citizens to cryptocurrencies. Not everyone wants to disclose their personal data. After all, information about the amounts on wallets is in open blockchains, and only the identity of the owner remains a secret. Losing this anonymity can reduce interest in cryptocurrencies.

G20 will discuss the problems of regulation of the cryptocurrency market

Josh Rager is confident that Bitcoin will grow to $ 150,000 until 2023

Cryptocurrency expert Josh Rager believes that Bitcoin will be able to rise to $ 150,000 by 2023. He made this forecast on the basis of a technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market over the past years. After the price of an asset had fallen, it always experienced a long phase of the “bottom”, after which it moved to a steady growth.

A similar view is supported by Kane Warwick, head of the Australian payment processing service Blueshyft. He said that the activity of retail customers has recently increased significantly. It recalls the situation in 2017, when the cost of Bitcoin increased from $ 1,000 to $ 19,000.

A powerful rally is expected in the cryptocurrency market

Josh Rager is confident that Bitcoin will grow to $ 150,000 until 2023

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