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Antminer 17 series, Bitfinex problems, E-Trade development

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Bitmain began selling Antminer 17 series, claims the US Attorney's Office to Bitfinex. E-Trade broker plans to provide access to cryptocurrency trading.

Antminer 17 series sales started

Started selling sales of equipment for mining cryptocurrency from the largest manufacturer, the Chinese company Bitmain. The most accessible for the user will be the Antminer T17, its purchase will cost $ 1,270. The device is designed on a 7nm chip and has a hashrate of 40 TH / s with an energy efficiency of 55 J / TH. It is available to mining on the SHA-256 algorithm, which allows extracting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency derivatives.

More productive model S17 will cost as much as $ 2000, but the price here may vary depending on the configuration. The devices are equipped with a two-pipe ventilation system with a 50% reduced distance between the air inlets and outlets. This will improve reliability and increase protection against overheating.

Antminer 17 series sales started

The claims of the Prosecutor General of New York to Bitfinex reduced the rate of Bitcoin

The fall of Bitcoin prices to $ 400 led the publication of a document from the Attorney General of New York. In it, he made claims against the company iFinex, representing the interests of Bitfinex and Tether. The first complaint concerned the discovery of customer service from the United States, although previously the marketplace made a commitment not to work with American traders.

In addition, Bitfinex was accused of losing $ 850 million. The funds were transferred to the account of the Panamanian operator Crypto Capital Corp, which inexplicably lost or stole the money. As a result, the exchange had to compensate for losses due to the reserves of stablecoin Tether. Now the company has launched an internal investigation procedure, which should identify the causes and consequences of the incident. However, this news has already led to a correction in the cryptocurrency market.

The claims of the Prosecutor General of New York to Bitfinex reduced the rate of Bitcoin

E-Trade Financial Group plans to offer cryptocurrency trading

One of the largest US stock exchanges, E-Trade Financial Group, has announced plans to offer its customers trade in cryptocurrency assets. The company services more than 5 million customer accounts and only in 2018 was able to get $ 9.6 billion. In total, its assets are estimated at $ 65 billion.

The difficulties of US law make it quite difficult for a small investor to gain access to a cryptocurrency market. So, another trading platform, Robinhood, was able to get permission to provide cryptocurrency trading services in only 5 states out of 50. Moreover, the emergence of new assets even allowed Robinhood to become a leader in the number of open accounts.

E-Trade Financial Group plans to offer cryptocurrency trading

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