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Crypto Hamster Is Gone, While Miners Come to Russia

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Crypto Hamster Passed Away; South Korea Makes Life of Crypto Community Tougher; Miners Flee to Russia - in the New Release of Crypto News

Mr Goxx Is Not With Us Anymore

This time we are starting our crypto news with a sad story. Unfortunately, passed away the world's first trader hamster who did not only trade successfully but also outdid professional investing funds simply selling and buying cryptocurrencies. R.I.P.

We already wrote about this magnificent animal, when this September, in just a month, the hamster increased his investment portfolio by almost 100 Euro having started with as little as 390 Euro. Which means that the total profit amounted to 25%. Mister Goxx was making his trading orders with the help of a sophisticated cage equipped with two tubes: by following one of the tubes, the hamster made a buying order, by following the other - a selling order. The asset was chosen with some sort of Fortune's wheel equipped with data sensors.

As the deceased hamster's master says, the famous little boy didn't have any health problems and was feeling quite good in general. But all of a sudden, on Monday evening, the furry crypto trader lost appetite and was gone by the next morning. All the devastated owner could do was to register the pet's death and publish an epitaph on Twitter: "Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously. He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble. Thank you and rest in peace, Max. You will be missed, and your memory will live forever on the blockchain."

Mr Goxx Is Not With Us Anymore

South Korea Becomes North For Crypto Community?

Alas, this is not a very positive piece of news either. Following other countries, South Korea started putting restrictions on the crypto industry. From the first day of the upcoming 2022, all the profits made from crypto-related transactions will be taxed. All users who have earned more than 2,5 mln won (around 200 USD) will need to share 20% of it with the government. Moreover, NFT tokens, as well as all operations with them, may be taxed, even though so far they were not viewed as digital assets.

However, it did not seem enough for the South Korean authorities to tax the crypto community. Now the Financial Services Commission of South Korea (FSC) claimed it wants to criminally prosecute dishonest actions in the crypto community. Such as, price manipulations and using insider data for making a profit in the crypto market.

So far, the country's parliament did not include these amendments to the law, but FSC expects that all crimes in the crypto industry will be punished with at least one year of prison as well as a significant fee.

South Korea Becomes North For Crypto Community?

From Kazakhstan to Russia - With Love

Love to crypto, of course. It is about miners who are leaving the recently picked Middle Asian country of Kazakhstan. It has not been long since this country was in the second place after the USA for the number of mined crypto. Now, with the energy deficit, miners are forced to look for a new home. Which are most often the USA and Russia. With a land border and relatively low prices for energy in mind, Russia is more convenient to move to from Kazakhstan.

In other words, Russia is taking the first place, yet, not for mining so far, but for the amount of imported equipment for mining. And the breakaway from the rest of competitors is staggering. Over 88% of the exported (from China, of course) mining equipment ended up in Russia.

From Kazakhstan to Russia - With Love

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