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Promo Bonus
Promo Bonus

Try EOS Once and Win the Prize!

Welcome a new promo campaign from LH-Crypto!

Trade with EOS at least once this week and be the one to win the prizes!

How does it work? It is simple: use EOS/ETH, EOS/EUR or EOS/USD in your trading strategy at least once this week, from October 24th to 30th. You can use any trading volume and open it for spare seconds!

Then, on Monday, October 31, we'll give the users' accounts to a randomizing machine, and it will choose the winners.

Five lucky traders will receive 300 USDT (or the equivalent in their account currency)!

Special Offer for those who open real accounts denominated in EOS, replenish them and open at least one order. The trader with the highest replenishment will receive a super prize - 1000 EOS to their account!

Hurry up and try EOS!

Join Us

Why EOS? This is a very promising blockchain that many users turn to when they get disappointed by other networks. Our attention was also brought to it by the September's hard fork to Leap 3.1, and the whole system is merging to Antelope Framework giving it a vast advantage compared to other blockchains.

*The offer is active from 24th to the 30th of October.

**Please use a valid phone number and e-mail while registering.