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What Are the XLM Predictions for 2019?

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  1. Cryptocurrency Features of Stellar
  2. Stellar Lumen (XLM): Growth Prospects Laid at Birth
  3. The Latest News about Stellar
  4. Forecast for 2019
  5. Conclusion

Today, cryptocurrency on everyone's lips, and not only. So, some time ago, the shocking singer Katy Perry posted on Twitter a photo of her manicure with the signature "Cryptonails" and collected 150 thousand likes. On the nails of her thumbs, the Bitcoin logo was depicted, then alternately the Ether, Litecoin, Monero, and the little stars of the pop star showed two flying space rockets - symbols of the stellar lumen (XLM). It is the Stellar coin and its prospects for 2019 that will be discussed in our article.

Cryptocurrency Features of Stellar

No matter how Ripple is compared with Stellar Lumens, stellar still has many advantages over the bank-controlled cryptocurrency digital unit. Firstly, Stellar is a completely decentralized project, which compared to Ripple very much attracted investors. The developers of the Stellar network took into account the mistakes of the creators of Ripple and made the correct distribution of coins. If you do not know, the developers of Ripple have appropriated 65% of all created coins for themselves and can manage the cost of the course. Secondly, Stellar is the fastest platform for exchanging various currencies, which will work without the use of third-party resources. Roughly speaking, the Stellar platform can become a very popular decentralized exchange or blockchain exchanger. By the way, such resources are not enough now.

Another aspect that may attract attention to the platform is the possibility of creating new tokens, i.e. on the basis of Stellar, it will be possible to conduct ICO, and in the plans of the developers, to take part of the Ether’s audience. According to them, the difficulty in writing smart contracts for Ethereum is to use the not so popular programming language Solidity, so companies have to look for programmers who can use it. On the Stellar network, all code writing operations take place in C ++, which greatly simplifies the work process.

Stellar Lumen (XLM): Growth Prospects Laid at Birth

The cryptocurrency XLM, according to the authors of the project, is designed to solve a global problem: to improve the global financial infrastructure for quick and easy payments. The goal of the developers was “to create a decentralized consent platform that provides both ordinary people and large companies the opportunity to conduct transactions without intermediaries and thereby reduce transaction costs”.

The founder of the stellar cryptocurrency became Jed Mac Caleb - the notorious creator of the Ripple network, who was forced to leave the company because of a conflict with management. The new coin appeared as a result of the XMR hard forks, but a year later it switched to its own open-source protocol. It is because of the closed-source code that the Ripple project was most often criticized. Thus, stellar has become an improved version of the older brother.

One of the fundamental advantages of the Stellar system is to work on independent nodes and the lack of control from a narrow circle of people. In other words - complete decentralization. Even when servers fail, users can maintain the platform at the expense of independent nodes. In addition, decentralization guarantees privacy during financial transactions. And what is also very important: there are no elected participants in the system. Everything from large companies to single miners has equal opportunities. This also allows you to speak of stellar as a coin with excellent prospects.

In addition, the developers laid the potential for the development of the project in other directions. It is assumed that the Stellar platform may later become a popular cryptocurrency exchange since it is adapted to work with various digital and traditional assets and will be able to provide instant exchange using the XLM.

The Latest News about Stellar, Course Change in 2018

The graph of the stellar course for the current year shows calm dynamics, except for two growth waves. The first came at the beginning of January and showed a maximum of $0.88. By the time, it coincided with the addition of stellar to the list of trading pairs on the OKEx exchange, although the general rise in the market certainly also played a role. Then the course smoothly descended over four months, and only in May again began to show an upward trend.

The second spurt occurred in July against the background of several resonant news: listing on Coinbase, obtaining Sharia certification from the Bank of Bahrain, the start of the work of the technology giant IBM with the Stronghold bank on a new StableCoin based on the Stellar platform.

XML Cryptocurrency - Forecast for 2019

Most experts agree that while the crypt market is in decline, the price of the Stellar coin will drift at about the same level - $0,22-0,25. And only for 2019, it is predicted that the popularity will rise and the status of the most demanded cryptocurrency for daily payments. And there is a good reason for this: the interest of serious financial institutions, whose number is growing day by day. Many events that occur with the lumen in 2018, analysts tend to consider a good sign. This applies primarily to the signing of profitable partnership agreements with companies, investors, financial institutions. Every news about this in the community is met with great enthusiasm, is covered in the media. And the higher the status of the partner, the more noise around the event.

So, Stellar's cooperation with Pundi X, a service for processing digital payments, is not only financially beneficial but also an excellent perspective for the future. In the future, as part of this alliance, it is planned to use XML as the main means of payment in operations with the Indonesian rupee. The agreement with IBM (USA), one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software, allowed making cross-border payments using lumen and became another potential growth factor. In March, IBM Vice President J. Lund said that her company did not intend to issue its digital currency since they are quite satisfied with stellar.

Here are some other Stellar partner companies:

  • Klick-Ex;
  • SatoshiPay;
  • HashCash;
  • Mobius.

Speaking about the great prospects of the Stellar platform for 2019, it is impossible not to note one more circumstance: it has all the possibilities to become an ideal arena for ICO and “squeeze” part of the market from Ethereum. And this goal has already been set. Soon, XLM developers are planning to integrate a new programming language for smart contracts, many times superior to Solidity. And the main advantage of this innovation will be a significant increase in the security of personal data of users.

Stellar - Forecast from Сryptodaily Analysts

The publication by Cryptodaily in its stellar forecast for 2019 writes about the great potential for the development of the coin and identifies several main growth factors:

  • High-speed processing of transactions on the Stellar network (one thousand per second, transfer confirmation - no more than 3 seconds);
  • network protection with strong encryption and multi-signature;
  • the use of the system of "smart" contracts as a factor in increasing interest in the project of large companies;
  • high professionalism and cohesion of the Stellar team, which includes many talented developers;
  • implementation of the Lightning Network protocol and solution to the scalability problem;
  • cooperation with companies that use high-performance marketing solutions in their work. Thanks to this, the development of the Stellar network today is proceeding in accordance with a carefully thought-out strategy.

XLM Forecast for 2019 from Coinoracle

According to analysts of the popular Internet resource Coinoracle, in 2019 the lumen will rise to $11.5749. If we take the XLM course as a point of reference at the time of this writing (October 17, 2018), which is equal to $0.245, then the increase will be 47.26 times. The authors of the forecast write:

“We spent a lot of time and effort to create our own, the most accurate algorithm for calculating the potential of cryptocurrencies, including XLM. At the moment, investing in this coin can be very profitable. If you buy lumens for a long-term right now at $0.245 or $16.5 for $200 (816.32 XLM), then, according to our forecasts, in five years (as of October 2023) they will cost $6,349. "

Prospects for Stellar Lumen — 2019 from the Agency for Economic Forecasting

If you have already read other publications on our website in the “Forecasts” section, you might have noticed that the APECON experts are very careful in assessing the prospects for cryptocurrency for 2019. They believe that the revival of the market will begin no earlier than 2020-21, so most coins are expected to fall further in 2019. Not escaped this fate and stellar. Stellar forecast 2019 from the Agency for Economic Prediction can be considered quite optimistic (-38%) since most of its other coins are predicted by its analysts to fall more sharply.

And finally: a stellar forecast from the all-knowing John McAfee. One of the first developers of antivirus software and a virus scanner, John McAfee, is a man who needs no introduction. His post on the Internet with the support or criticism of a particular coin can suddenly turn it 180 degrees. And this happened more than once. In particular, after this tweet, the XLM price jumped sharply on several exchanges at once:

"Cryptocurrency of the week - Lumen (XLM). Someone calls it a stellar, although this is the name of the network in which the lumen operates. This coin provides one of the cheapest and fastest transactions in the world of cryptography, facilitates the financing of projects in third world countries. Some already call it "new bitcoin".”


Having studied in detail the project Stellar, we can draw the following conclusion about it. XLM cryptocurrency is a rather serious project that is not inferior to such a large company in the digital market, as Ripple Labs. This platform has many advantages, but the most important of them are decentralization and the ability to create tokens based on the XLM system. It is for these reasons that users will invest their funds in this coin, gradually increasing the capitalization of the project and its value.

The main strategy that you should follow when purchasing XLM is HODL since in the short term it will most likely not bring you any profit. The main growth of Stellar will occur when the overall positive growth trend of market resumes. And also when the company starts to sign cooperation agreements with major partners. After the coin rushes to the figure of five dollars, but no one knows when exactly this Stellar development will occur.

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