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Why zcash is popular

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Among cryptocurrencies, the zcash coin is particularly popular due to the reasoning of its algorithm. Even the creator of the ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, acknowledged the success of the decision and suggested using some ideas in his blockchain. That is why cours zcash was fairly resistant to negative news from the field of cryptocurrency.

The latest news about zcash

In late November 2018, the blockchain team updated the Sampling network. As a result, it was able to achieve great success, because the time for the implementation of transactions fell by 90%. At the same time, the amount of memory allocated to this cardinally decreased - it was only 3% of the previous figure.

As a result, zcash to GBP has come close to the mark of 60. Although this is 30% less than the previous month, it is much better than other coins. As a result, the hardfork team significantly increased interest in their assets. With a capitalization of about 400 million pounds, this asset is among the first 30 cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, it was born only in 2016, which indicates the relevance of the project. For miners, the zcash difficulty in mining represents its limitations of 21 million pieces and the fast speed of mining. But mining can be carried out with a low hashrate.

Where to buy a coin

Since this asset is very popular, you can buy it on almost any cryptoexchange. In the summer of 2018, Coinbase, one of the most famous sites, added the ability to operate with this asset. From that moment, zcash to USD began to grow in price.

At about the same time BitGo's custodial service offered wallets storage services. Therefore, now investors receive a full range of services, which makes the coin so famous in the exchange. Its main advantage was anonymity when conducting trade operations. The algorithm is constructed in such a way that no one can determine the owner of the wallet.

However, from this follows the main problem. Even the best zcash exchange does not provide an absolute guarantee against hacker attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to ensure security. That is, the launch of the custodial service turned out to be extremely popular for this coin. Although it is necessary to recognize that the team provides an adequate level of storage security. For this was created:

  • secure computing algorithm;
  • optimized transaction generation;
  • multi-level wallet protection system.

But hackers have found a way to get income from zcas. Hidden mining was used for this. Computers of ordinary users are infected with a virus that uses computing power without the consent of the owner.

Cryptocurrency prospects

Although this asset was recently born, it has already become very popular. The exchange of zcash to BTC exchange for pounds or another fiat currency takes place on almost any trading platform.

The creators were not only able to take the best from their predecessors, but also managed to bring in their own achievements in the algorithm. And they gained recognition in the professional community and became the subject for copying.

One of the ethereum team leaders, Vitaly Buterin, suggested using the mass validation method from zcash on his product. According to the expert, this will speed up the work by 3000%. Most teams are now faced with the problem of the proliferation of their blockchain, which causes considerable inconvenience to users. The zcash team was able to cope with this problem, and this helped it to be among the leaders in a short time.

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