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Where is it possible to earn a cryptocurrency without commissions

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There are few places where you can become the owner of cryptocurrency. If you remove the option of purchase, it remains only mining and cranes. Moreover, the second option does not require any investment in equipment; here they receive tokens for performing certain tasks.

The complexity of mining cryptocurrency

If you decide to earn income with a farm or ASIC, then you will first have to spend a significant amount on equipment. Unfortunately, it is simply not profitable to mine coins on a home computer. High competition significantly increased the complexity of decoding. Professionals who take into account every detail came to this market.

But there is positive news. The price of the minimum set for the extraction of Bitcoin is a few hundred pounds. Of course, this will not bring significant wealth, but will help to earn. And we must be prepared for the fact that cryptocurrency UK without fee will not be provided. For connection to the pool you will have to pay a small amount, about 2-3% of the total value of the mined. Since most of the pools are located in China, this amount may increase slightly.

Many are stopped by the fact that the placement of equipment requires space. Plus, another fact makes the UK not a very attractive place for mining. The fact is that there are a large number of regions with cheap electricity. And so the British are losing in this competition. Of course, there are other options:

  • rental capacity;
  • purchase of places in containers;
  • cloud mining.

But so far they have not gained popularity due to the low profitability of investments. Sometimes it is more profitable not to buy equipment, but to find a cryptocurrency broker. And make money with it. Or use the services of specialized sites - cranes.

What is cryptocurrency cranes

If you are faced with an acute problem of how to earn cryptocurrency without fees, then cranes will be a good solution to the problem. However, there will not be a lot of money to be made there, but you will not have to pay anything. Cranes are specialized sites where they pay real coins for performing simple tasks:

  • watch video on YouTube;
  • complete a survey and answer a few questions;
  • open the site and view its contents;
  • like on social networks or subscribe to the channel.

You shouldn’t look for anything criminal in this kind of activity; work here is conducted on a legal basis. Moreover, fraud with cranes is also very rare. However, to get a lot of cryptocurrency, you have to spend a huge amount of time. The reward is low here.

Of course, the job of watching videos on the network does not require much skill, even a child can handle it. Sometimes they perform tasks. To get the first money, you will need to go through a simple registration. For this you do not need to submit documents, just an email address. In the personal account, the user will be able to choose in which coins labor will be paid. The address of the cryptocurrency wallet is also entered here, where they will be listed.

The feature of cranes is the increasing amount of payments as experience accumulates. They may increase several times. However, it should be understood that although here you can get a cryptocurrency without a commission, but the amount earned will be little. Unskilled labor is always paid accordingly.

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