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Bitcoin prediction: tomorrow, next week, next year

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Bitcoin is a financial experiment of the current century, claiming the title of the most significant. A feature of the decentralized currency is that many users around the world have access to the financial market, excluding banking intervention. The tool can be used for speculative purposes. Most see it as a path to long-term investment, as its value appreciably increases with time. Every day, there appears tomorrow’s bitcoin prediction, so you can orient yourself in the prospects of the value of cryptocurrency in the future.

The origin of price

The question of the cost of bitcoins remains open - is it just speculation? What is the accuracy of its prediction?

Since there is no central authority dealing with controlling the price of cryptocurrency, its value is the result of the agreement of all users. However, there are factors that affect the price movement in one direction or another. One of the keys was the speed of adoption. As more and more users enter the market, the cost of the network expands exponentially. The basic law for this is Metcalf's law. Many analysts rely on him to explain the movement of the bitcoins in the last four years with almost absolute accuracy. Using it, you can make up a bitcoin price next week or for a longer term.

Regulation is another mass factor, on which the price depends very much. In the face of restrictions on the part of regulators, there is a decrease in the speed of adoption in the short term. The price falls, as the market entry is severely limited.

Given that it is difficult to give an exact bitcoin weekly forecast or for a longer period, many financial experts, investors and other specialists are always ready to voice their views on this matter.

Rate forecasts

Because of the high volatility of the currency, investors are experiencing certain the difficulties in determining the order of their future actions. For many people, evaluations of experts who know the features of the market and are capable of predicting price movements are important. Experts have very different views on this matter.

Some believe that bitcoin will regain its position in the future; it really is worth investing in. Among its advantages are inflation protection, limited emissions and lack of flaws that are characteristic of gold.

One of the experts in the industry predicted an increase in the cost of bitcoin to 40 thousand dollars by the end of the year and an increase in the total capitalization within 2 trillion dollars. Bitcoin is considered one of the best products, as the price for it is not limited to the top. Correction with a price reduction of half is not excluded. Experts say that newcomers in the investment sphere should not rely on the cryptocurrency too much. Investing is allowed no more than 2-3% of the portfolio.

The peculiarity of all the forecasts existing at the moment is that they were made under certain conditions in different periods. At such moments, experts are based on the current situation, making logical conclusions based on that information. When forming a bitcoin weekly forecast or for a longer period, it is again necessary to evaluate all current events in order to obtain certain estimates and draw conclusions based on them. In the process of forming its investment strategy, it is required to really evaluate its own knowledge, and also to rely on relevant information obtained from different sources so that the forecast values approach the real ones as much as possible.

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