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What will happen to zcash cryptocurrency?

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Since the advent of the zcash digital coin, the prices forecasts for it were the most favorable. At the beginning of the placement, it cost $ 2, and after a few days it went up to $ 3,200. However, then the rate stabilized at a little over 120 dollars. What is the reason for such volatility, and what will happen to it in the future?

Zcash appearance paradoxes

Initially, the developers planned to make a new branch from Bitcoin, but then their imagination went much further. Unlike other coins, this one was a purely scientific project. It was created in the community of researchers at MIT, Johns Hopkins University and their colleagues from Israel. It was planned to come up with an asset with one-way confirmation of transactions.

That is, when one person transfers money to another, then information comes about making a payment. But it remains a secret wallet, from which the amount was paid, and even its size. That is, the created encryption algorithm made it possible to achieve absolute uniqueness. What was said about the zcash forecasts promised success for the coin. However, no one imagined that the rise in prices would be so rapid. This phenomenon has objective reasons:

  • well-known developer names;
  • ability to solve the problem of anonymity;
  • system stability.

The result exceeded all expectations, quotes rose 1600 times. Then the asset came under a wave of sales. This phenomenon also has its objective reasons.

Why zcash did not become more expensive

The reasons for the quick disappointment of investors can be found in the coin algorithm itself. Of course, complete anonymity is good. But who will use this asset? This immediately scared off large market players. They are more interested in stability. They are less concerned about privacy. It is important that capital is protected.

Only big names of developers saved the situation. Investors believed that solid organizations made a really high-quality product. That is how it turned out. It is noteworthy that even Buterin decided to change the algorithm of etherium. In September 2018, he announced that he was planning to apply a proof protocol with zero expansion to his network. Therefore, zcash 2018 forecasts promise serious growth.

At the moment, the asset is in the stage of low liquidity. Its capitalization is about 600 million dollars, which is about 0.5% of the total cryptocurrency market. Therefore, it is very difficult to make long-term forecasts. If any major investor announces a serious purchase or sale, the price will change several times..

What will happen next with zcash

However, what they say now about zcash forecasts 2018, suggests a good future for the asset. Its creators have laid a solid foundation for development, making your product unique. In terms of anonymity, the coin is among the leaders.

Now comes a lot of criticism that Bitcoin has ceased to improve in the field of user protection. Perhaps buyers want too much. But on the other hand, it has a serious competitor. Very significant support for the cost of zcash provide miners. And overwhelmingly, these are private individuals who extract coins on video cards. Especially for them, the Japanese company GMO Internet has released a special client.

The update, which the development team released in the fall of 2018, also had a positive impact on the asset's reputation. While it can be argued that work is underway to improve this coin. And it is quite possible, very soon, investors will again see an uptrend on zcash

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