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What will happen to the cryptocurrencies in 2020

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Now cryptocurrency market capitalization prediction shows the high growth potential of this asset. Although now the price of bitcoin is decreasing, there are prerequisites for the growth of the cost of digital coins.

History of the previous period cryptocurrencies

For those who are not familiar with the economy and finances, the operations with cryptocurrency in the market sometimes seem chaotic. Quotations rose sharply in 2017, then dropped just as quickly in early 2018. However, these movements have their own reasons. In fact, the situation could not develop in a different scenario.

The motor of trade is advertising. The more potential customers begin to believe in the useful properties of the product, the higher the demand. That is why cryptocurrency forecasts were indicative of the growth of bitcoin prices.

When it first appeared, it was treated as a toy of engineers and enthusiasts of new technologies. There are few willing to invest in such an asset. In 2017, in public opinion, there was a break in the trend. The reason for this became:

  • increased capitalization;
  • recognizing cryptocurrency as a full-fledged financial instrument;
  • development of new technological solutions.

A huge role in the history of the blockchain was played by the media. Almost every website, newspaper or magazine told its opinion about bitcoin. Of course, if they are not dedicated to raising children or cooking.

Almost every politician expressed his/her opinion and gave predictions for cryptocurrencies for the nearest period. And then it does not matter what it was. Negative advertising also makes the product more popular. As a result, many people learned about the blockchain. As a result, interest in bitcoin has grown along with its price.

What happened to cryptocurrencies in 2018

After all the volunteers invested in the cryptocurrency, interest in it began to fade. This is a natural process. A well-fed person stops thinking about food. Some investors recorded a profit, the others left their positions open. But the flow of new investments stopped.

No asset can grow infinitely, and predictions for cryptocurrencies began to talk about the reversal of the trend. That is precisely what we are witnessing. As soon as the price of a trading instrument starts to decline, investors change their strategy. If earlier on the market the "bulls" commanded, now they were replaced by "bears".

However, in fact, bitcoin remained quite expensive. Two years ago, the coin was worth 700 pounds, now it has risen to 3,500 pounds. The fact that on the way to this result record levels above 10,000 pounds have been shown, the situation does not change. The demand for digital assets remains high. And there is a possibility that it will soon start to increase again.

Will the cryptocurrency capitalization increase?

In order not to support panic cryptocurrency predictions 2018, we must immediately note the benefit received from the blockchain. Although information on new technologies has become less frequent, it has acquired a new quality. Now, not enthusiasts, but leaders of the economy are engaged in the promotion of projects.

Each reputable company is exploring a change in its capabilities in connection with the blockchain. First of all, it concerns the banking sector. The systems for making payments between credit institutions have already been tested. According to reports, their results showed high stability and productivity.

They fully correspond to the usual speed systems, but they guarantee exceptional safety. Already at the beginning of next year, financial products will be used in practical work. And then interest in cryptocurrencies will start to grow again.

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