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What Is QASH?

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Interested in learning more about QASH? Know nothing about this liquidity-focused blockchain? No problem at all! In this post, we will guide you in this question and answer all the questions you may have. So let’s get it started!

The QASH cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is positioned as the next generation of digital money, which is expected to replace Bitcoin. The development of this project is closely related to the Liquid platform and the Quoine company.

Liquid Platform Development

Quoine company exists from 2014; since that time, it has become the founder of the largest exchange sites in Japan taking into account the conversion of digital currencies Quoinex and Qryptos. The QASH development team has an impeccable reputation and excellent preparation for the competent technical implementation of their project plans.

The idea of ​​creating the Liquid platform and the QASH cryptocurrency is based on the desire of developers to combine exchanges to increase the liquidity of trading. They are primarily focused on limited access to liquid digital money. Large sites operate offline, and emerging markets are highly dependent on illiquid national currencies. This condition complicates access to trade and cryptocurrency exchange. Liquid and QASH developers aim to eliminate such barriers by combining the functionality of many trading platforms into one large-scale decentralized network.

In practice, the process looks easy. Each exchange or exchanger usually works in isolation from each other, which affects the liquidity of their trades. The Liquid platform proposes the creation of the World Book project, where all users trade in digital money and the latter is combined into one stream.

A distinctive feature of the project is the World Book mechanism, which has the potential to process up to a million transactions per second. Such scaling will ensure the relevance of the platform not only at the level of trading but also for ordinary users seeking to exchange QASH or other digital and national money.

QASH Cryptocurrency

Within the framework of the Liquid project, the QASH cryptocurrency is initially developed as an internal currency. Its creation is based on the Ether platform, but the new cryptocurrency developers expect to switch to their own blockchain system after successfully launching and testing the main marketplace.

QASH exchange trading was launched in December 2017 and has already shown good dynamics. The main driving force of the project was its success in November 2018, when the cryptocurrency rate increased by three in a short time. The success of the QASH digital money is closely associated with the development of the Liquid project. The support from the powerful investor has already shown the relevance of the platform and cryptocurrency itself; therefore, many analysts estimate the development prospects positively.

Development Prospects

When evaluating the potential of the Liquid platform, it is necessary to pay attention to ICO QASH held in November 2017. During it, 350 million tokens were sold at 0.001 ETH, which was $ 0.3. The most approximate and rough calculations indicate a total figure of more than 100 million dollars.

The project attracted the attention of more than 5 thousand investors from 90 countries. Analysts highlight the following aspects that ensure the relevance of the platform and cryptocurrency:

  • Quoine is based in Japan, where the functioning of cryptocurrency is legalized at the legislative level. This fact ensures the stable operation of the company;
  • During the three years of its activity, the company has already established partnerships with major banks in Japan, the USA, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries, which creates a qualitative basis for company/ project development;
  • The company has a team of skillful specialists and an impeccable reputation, a clear plan for its development and continuous situation monitoring.

The QASH cryptocurrency and Liquid platform are developed side by side. The roadmap of developers is as follows:

  1. end of 2017 - the launch of QASH and attraction of investments;
  2. Q1 2018 - the release of the beta version of the platform;
  3. Q2 2018 - the launch of the working version of Liquid;
  4. Q3 2018 - providing direct access to the market;
  5. Q4 2018 - the introduction of Prime Brokerage functionality;
  6. Q1 2019 - the introduction of tools for management and business;
  7. Q2 2019 - the launch of QASH own blockchain;
  8. Q3 2019 - obtaining a full banking license to operate the business.

As you can see the project develops at a high-speed rate. However, there are still some risks associated with the investments in QASH. Despite a good reputation, the Liquid project is young, and the QASH cryptocurrency developed within it is subject to technical risks. The system may crash, give programming errors, be faced with attacks. what is more, it will take some time for the platform to show its security and reliability.

In this situation, many analysts agree that QASH is a profitable investment direction, but it is strongly recommended to consider all possible risks. Taking into account the roadmap, it is better to make investments on a long-term basis; short-term investments will be beneficial only on the threshold of major changes.

Investing in QASH

Analysis agrees on the viability of the project, which creates favorable conditions for investment. The idea of ​​creating a large-scale trading platform and simultaneous exchanger for digital and fiat money on a decentralized basis of the blockchain is relevant and in demand by many users and financial institutions. Among the main advantages of investing in QASH is also the company's reputation. Competent development, establishing partnerships with banks around the world, active cooperation with the major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex - all this creates the conditions for future price growth.

What Is Unique about QASH?

  • The use of currencies is provided by the system because it already cooperates with many European and American banks;
  • A quick exchange of assets with minimal delays and reduced commissions;
  • High transaction processing speed - up to several hundred thousand per second;

QASH Token - Main Features

The main functions of the QASH token include the following ones:

  1. Use a token to pay for all services provided by QUOINE and its projects;
  2. Use a token as an asset for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

QUOINE also sees the use of the QASH token as a financial instrument by third-party companies.

QUOINE owns not only a license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange but also a license to hold an ICO. It is planned to transform the QRYPTOS platform into an ICO platform. Participants in the future ICO will be able to use QASH as the base currency. What is more, enhanced security of the QRYPTOS platform and the already existing KYC (Know Your Customer) function will be available to participants and organizers of ICO.

The following QUOINE services will be available for QASH token holders:

  • Transaction fees on platforms (LIQUID, QRYPTOS, QUOINEX);
  • Prime Brokerage - LIQUID clients will be able to conduct trading activities on leading stock exchanges without having any accounts there;
  • Direct Market Access;
  • Fiat Management.

Also, the holders of QASH tokens will have various privileges in the form of periodic bonuses, priority access to new products, and bonuses when participating in the ICO held on the QRYPTOS platform.

QASH Blockchain

For a deep and complete implementation of the program conceived by QUOINE to democratize the financial system, a separate QASH blockchain will be created. Its main parameters and features include:

  • Intelligent Agents (Smart Contracts) - Simple embedding of scripts in blocks or placement/distribution between nodes (nodes). This will allow you to create programmable assets and functions, such as temporary lock and many others;
  • Support for Erlang, Python, C ++, and other programming languages ​​(Ruby, etc.). This will allow developing complex decentralized applications on the platform, such as virtual assets exchange, credit services, settlement services. The latter may include Continuous Linked Settlement and different banking services since this will serve as a basis for banking QUOINE platform;
  • Multi-Asset and Decentralized Asset Transfers (multi-currency and decentralized currency transfers) - using QASH as the base currency;
  • More than 100,000 transactions per second - transaction speed is very important and QUOINE will work on it to make the speed numbers effective;
  • Consensus Algorithm - Proof of Stake. It refers to forging, not mining. QASH does not need mining. Tokens are emitted in the amount of 1,000,000,000;
  • Semi-Permissioned Distributed Nodes based on adherence to the KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. Anyone can generate blocks while following these procedures;
  • External Events Awareness will allow services running on the platform to interact with external applications through specialized interfaces. This feature is required to create financial applications and products on the platform. Most decentralized platforms do not provide this feature.
  • Enhanced Scalability will improve the current problems associated with the limitations of Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain.

Where to Store QASH?

QASH is an ERC20 type token, so you can store it in any wallet with support for ERC20 tokens. MyEtherWallet is the most popular and reliable online wallet that you can safely use for this purpose. If you are interested in a higher level of security, you should consider buying a hardware wallet. Options like Ledger Nano S are more expensive than free analogs, but they provide you with additional protective measures.

The QUOINE team plans to transfer QASH to its own blockchain. When this happens, the wallet that you use for storing funds may stop supporting the token. Therefore, keep track of all QASH messages and look for instructions on what to do when this transition occurs.

Here is a short list of other wallets you can use:

  • MyEtherWallet is the most important wallet for the ERC20. It is browser-based, so you don’t need to download anything; it’s enough to generate a key on the official website. As a browser wallet, it uses a “hot” storage type, and it can be used as an operational one. To store large amounts of better to choose “cold” wallets;
  • MetaMask - browser plugin or so-called “bridge”. It is a good, operational wallet for fast transactions;
  • Mist - Ethereum's official wallet is an application, so you will need to download it. However, it belongs to the type of “thin” wallets because downloading and installation is fast. For those who prefer serious protection, there is a function of multi-signatures. It is also possible to work with smart contracts;
  • ImToken - it is just a perfect choice for those who prefer to manage their crypto funds through a smartphone. ImToken is a convenient wallet for your phone, with a simple interface and lots of useful features. You can conduct operations, including making funds on the stock exchange.

QASH Exchange Rate Changes Since the Cryptocurrency Launch

Like most other Altcoins, the QASH rate in 2018 is negative and falls down. In November 2018, the price of the digital money unit was at an absolute minimum - $ 0.13, but a month later, it grew by 40% and was equal to $ 0.186.

Is There a Prospect for Liquid & QASH?

After the launch of the ICO, the tokens were bought out in a short time. This provided a fairly strong pamp of the coin immediately after its release on the exchange. Now cryptocurrency is in a protracted flat, but its capitalization is constantly growing, which is associated with its cooperation with new large partners. In general, the project has secured the support of many large organizations. This means a lot to cryptocurrency owners and those who decide to invest in QASH.


With its Liquid platform, World Book technology, and QASH token, the Quoine project seeks to give maximum liquidity to cryptocurrency investments. Combining the limit order tables of various world exchanges, the Quoine Liquid platform aims to facilitate the exchange of fiat assets for any cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Although this project is quite ambitious, Quoine has more than enough experience and business partners to achieve its goals. Given the upcoming launch of Quoine’s own blockchain, the next few years will be decisive in the company's fate.

If the team performs its tasks at the same pace, Quoine will be able to benefit the entire cryptosphere. The growth of liquidity will have a good effect on currencies, investors, and the entire blockchain industry.

Obviously, the team has a lot of experience, and its business partners are quite successful. So no surprise that the project is very ambitious. If the team continues to carry out the tasks at the same speed as now, QUOINE will easily change the cryptocurrency industry for the better. Increasing liquidity is good for currencies, great for investors and very useful for the blockchain industry as a whole.

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