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Types of cryptocurrency chat on the Internet

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For those who decide to study the blockchain, the cryptocurrency chat room will be a valuable source of information. However, it is necessary to choose the object for communication that will be safe and most effective.

How will live chat help?

Now the blockchain technology is at the peak of development. Every day comes information about hard forks, new laws, equipment for mining and the most profitable coins for investment. If a person wants to keep abreast of events, he needs to constantly study the news feeds.

But if there is a need to know in advance about future events, you will have to look for alternative data sources. The live chat will tell you best about how cryptocorrencies are developing. Its advantages are considered:

  • communication with update developers;
  • the opportunity to learn an alternative point of view;
  • a large amount of information;
  • access to restricted data that has not yet received official confirmation.

The only problem is the presence of a large amount of “information noise”. When someone from the chat users shares their speculation, there is a risk of getting false data. But you can not ignore them, so you can skip valuable information. The solution to this problem is to consider alternative opinions on other chat rooms.

Types of cryptocurrency chat rooms

The maximum number of chats about cryptocurrency can be found on individual sites. Most of these sites have the opportunity to comment on current events. Sometimes this leads to discussions and disputes. However, there are several resources that are specifically created for live communication.

Social networks

On Facebook and other social networks, there are official pages of application developers, programmers and financial companies. Although the information presented on them is subjective, it very often turns out to be useful. This is where the messages about customer releases for mining or hard forks of new coins are posted.

Communication is conducted under the control of moderators, which sometimes leads to incidents. So, the joke of Elon Musk “would you like to buy bitcoin” led to his account being blocked for several hours.


The messenger was originally created for anonymous communication, which made it an interesting platform. The network has more than 200 million registered users from all over the world. Therefore, there is no problem in finding partners for business communication. Moreover, at the beginning of 2018, it was announced about the creation of its own coin. In the two cycles of the initial placement of tokens, telegram cryptocurrency has already raised $ 1.7 billion in investments.

Naturally, it is very easy to find a chat for communication here. However, there is a problem. Due to anonymity, it is this platform that is preferred by supporters of “grey” business schemes. Therefore, the proposals received from here are worth studying more carefully.

A place to talk - a coin chat

A few further went a few former Google engineers who came out on ICO with a desire to combine the blockchain and the forum. As the developers say, the cryptocurrency coin chat will be the basis of a new form of communication.

Here you can not only find communication on interests but also get digital money for it. The developed platform primarily serves as a place of communication, that is, a hybrid of a social network and instant messenger. At the same time, it is also a trading platform for the purchase of goods and services.

Such a large selection puts an ordinary person into a dead end. It is difficult to choose communication options that suit him. Do not be afraid, a small study of the behaviour of the interlocutors will help to quickly understand the usefulness of a separate resource.

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