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Learn about the TRON Price Predictions for 2019

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According to the latest data, the capitalization of the global online-entertainment industry, from casinos to gambling applications, has reached a fantastic amount of $1 trillion. This as a direct impact on the digital currency - Throne. The thing is that the Throne Ecosystem (TRX), which is focused on this market, covers only 7% of its volume so far. This means that this money unit has great potential to grow and become even more stable in the near future.

What Is TRON Cryptocurrency?

TRON cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based decentralized entertainment platform. In other words, TRON is something like a social network, where users can easily upload, review, and use entertainment materials, such as casinos, online games, and other applications. For developers, the TRON platform provides an opportunity to promote their games and gambling-related applications. In other words, TRON acts as an analogue of the AppStore and Google Play, which boast of massive popularity all over the world.

TRON (TRX) Cryptocurrency: Technical Details

  • TRON platform is based on decentralization. Just as it is the case with many other digital money units, the technology has something to do with the blockchain logic;
  • The goal of the project is to establish a network of entertainment areas with free features;
  • Using the platform, users can upload varied content. Everything is under the control of a decentralized system. Users themselves form a network without any external control;
  • TRON cryptocurrency is the base platform cryptocurrency. It is used by all accounts in the blockchain project. The rest of the coins in their value are associated with the startup itself. If a network member blocks TRON, he has the opportunity to become the owner of TRON Power. The token enables the holder to vote and provides additional opportunities to those who own a regular TRX coin.

Currencies Used on the TRON Platform

The TRON platform uses several types of cryptocurrencies, including its own TRONIX (TRX) token. In addition to their own unit, the payment instrument on the platform is Bitcoin, Qtum, and Ethereum coins. The TRX token is the base token of the platform, but there are also other native tokens: TRON Power and TRON20. The former is a token that provides the holder with the right to vote on network development. In its turn, the later is a token that allows the holder (application developer) to issue units for one's own game within the TRON network. The maximum possible number of TRX tokens is 100,000,000,000.

TRON Platform Developers

This specific cryptocurrency platform developers are the experts of the TRON Foundation company, whose founders are the British citizen Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Justin Sun. The latter, according to Forbes magazine, is considered to be the person who can equal the founder of Alibaba.

Prospects of TRON Cryptocurrency

The digital entertainment segment is estimated at about $1 trillion, with online casino-like games occupying the major part of the share. The TRON platform can be compared in volume with the Alibaba company, which is a world leader in the field of Internet commerce. Since most of the TRON investors are from China, then there is no doubt that this platform will gain great popularity in that area. According to our forecasts in 2018, the TRX will be able to reach the price of 10 cents per coin, so let’s take a look at what will happen in 2019.

TRON Forecast for 2019

If within two years, the TRON platform will become the main haven for fans of entertainment based on technology blockchain, then its growth will be significant. In order to understand at least a little bit how much the TRX price could be by 2020, let's do a brief calculation.

At the moment, the online entertainment market is estimated at $1 trillion. It’s hard to imagine how all users will fully switch to TRON. It is expected that keen players will start creating their decentralized platforms, but let's assume that 2% of the entire market will switch to TRON by 2020. In this case, the capitalization of the platform will be no less than $ 20 billion.

This figure is 20 times higher than the current capitalization of TRON. Thus, the cost of one TRX coin will be 15-20 times higher than the current one, which is around $0.014. By multiplying the current price of TRX by the volume of potential growth, it can be assumed that by 2020, the value of the TRX coin will reach 20 cents. We are confident that the achievement of this level is more than a real goal. And if the cryptocurrency market changes its tendency to upward (bullish), then there is every chance to reach this level by the end of 2019.

Why should you buy the TRON cryptocurrency and why is TRX worth a place in your crypto portfolio? We have prepared four main reasons for answering the above questions:

  • the coin is really popular and its community is very active on social networks;
  • BitTorrent token sale (BTT) will come in the nearest future;
  • TRON ecosystem is being constantly updated with new decentralized app solutions and smart contracts.

Nowadays, TRX is on the 8th place in the cryptocurrency rating and is trading at 0.0228 dollars. Last week, only Altcoin TRON showed at least some profitability among all the top cryptocurrencies.

Growth Factors

The promotion of a decentralized platform TRON consists of several stages and is designed for several years. The developers announced their development plans for the next 9 years as follows:

  1. Exodus (2018) - Testing the blockchain for vulnerabilities and improving the existing distribution network algorithm;
  2. The Odyssey (2019 - 2020) -The creation of favourable conditions for authors of applications and various programs, as well as the introduction of monetary rewards for content distributors;
  3. The Great Journey (2021) - At this stage, the developers will decide the issue taking into account the income and dividend payments to participants who have invested their own savings in the project in 2017;
  4. Apollo (2021-2023) - A platform release is planned, allowing users to issue their own tokens and conduct ICOs. A trading exchange will be introduced, allowing one to exchange cryptocurrency for any other digital asset or fiat money;
  5. Star Trek (2025) - The creators of TRON intend to form several projects that interact with each other and are very similar in their functionality. This will not only increase security but also increase the network decentralization;
  6. “Eternity” (2025 - 2027) - As part of this stage, developers are planning to create a crowdfunding mechanism that would allow system participants to finance the development of computer applications and playgrounds.

In the long run, the successful completion of each of the above steps will serve as a good impetus for the growth of the asset price and an increase in the market capitalization. Therefore, if we talk about the forecast of cryptocurrency TRON for 2019, it can be confidently claimed that the coin has a good future. Moreover, the developers have promised to conduct online voting among users who can influence the successful development of a decentralized project.


TRX cryptocurrency has great potential for growth, but everything will depend on the development team and their plans. To be aware of everything happening with the TRON cryptocurrency, it is necessary to keep track of all the recent news. To do this, follow the official website of TRON and their social networks, and if you have not subscribed to us, then do it here.

As of early March 2019, the cost of one coin of the TRON blockchain project is near to 0.014 cents, and the total capitalization is 988 million dollars. Based on these data, we will try to revise our TRON forecast and consider the prospects for TRON ​​in the context of a long period.

After the success of the social networking site Facebook and the advent of Twitter, the social networking industry was completely full. The dominance of these social networks has already lasted for more than 10 years, and it cannot be infinite. Last not least, major social networks' initiatives in blockchain technologies - from creating blockchain-friendly online-environment to introducing their own cryptocurrency - has raised considerable awareness and even alarm of the governmental institutions. They are already striking back, and this can not but give a kick to monumental moves in the industry.

Based on this, we can assume that in the next few years, a new project should appear offering something special. It is the TRON project that most analysts predict this role. We are certainly sure that TRX will become number one among similar platforms.

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