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Top Cryptocurrencies Overview: TRON, Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS, Cardano

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The crypto market is booming now. Even despite the ups and downs of two globally known and stably popular altcoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the optimism about the future of cryptocurrency does not fade anyway. There are strong performers in the market, the ones on which most hopes of traders and investors rest, while other altcoins and blockchain startups do not survive even a couple of months.

What does this tell us about the future of the crypto world? Nothing clear really. All experts and analysts of trends in this area repeatedly note that due to the highly decentralized nature of blockchain and independence of cryptocurrencies on any central regulator or formal financial trends, it is next to impossible to predict price fluctuations of altcoins. Therefore, all we can do is observe the market closely, analyze the past performance of altcoins of interest, and keep a watchful eye on promising beginners in the crypto arena.

Top Crypto News: Overview of Top 5

2018 was a failing year for Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, BTC still keeps its leading position in the list of top 5 crypto coins. While losing its position as the best crypto to mine because of the increasing complexity of mining blocks, BTC still enjoys high trust among traders. Besides Bitcoin, there are several new promising leaders at the top of the crypto market. Let’s review them briefly to understand what each of them has to offer to investors and miners in 2019.

Which Crypto Will Top Bitcoin in 2019?

The popularity of Bitcoin (unlike its price) does not fall. While BTC did not come up to numerous promises of its second rise in 2018, it is still stable and reliable as the forefather of all modern cryptocurrencies. Yet there are younger and more energetic coins that tend to beat BTC due to better technology underlying their blockchain, a more sophisticated marketing strategy, and a totally different approach to cryptocurrency generation and presentation. At present, the most promising altcoins include EOS, Cardano, Litecoin, and Tron. Here we talk briefly about each of them to show which revenues they may bring to investors in the near future.

Overview of 2018 Leaders and 2019 Forecasts

As it often happens in a highly competitive world, opinions differ; thus, it may be hard to identify a definite list of leaders. However, the market with over $800 billion of capitalization in 2018 (a 40-fold increase as compared to 2017) is definitely an attractive piece of cake, so many traders and miners repeatedly scanned 2018 charts to select the most promising cryptocurrencies. Experts from top crypto exchanges agreed that in 2018, the best crypto coins were the following:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Ripple;
  • EOS;
  • Cardano;
  • Litecoin;
  • Stellar;
  • IOTA;
  • NEO.

Obviously, dozens of other crypto coins have performed pretty well in 2018, but this list contains the altcoins that enjoyed most stability and never caused their owners trouble throughout the year. As for 2019, the forecast of top crypto remains largely the same with the following coins topping the list:

  • EOS;
  • Ripple;
  • Stellar;
  • Zcash;
  • Ox;
  • BAT;
  • Tron;
  • ETC;
  • Monero;
  • Litecoin.

In addition to the basic understanding of BTC’s performance in 2018, we would like to provide an analysis of four other leaders that we deem most well-performing in 2018 and even more promising in 2019. This analysis may give some hints about the best crypto to buy to win big in 2019.

TRON: Best Offer for 2019?

Many of you may wonder, “what is TRON coin?” Indeed, this altcoin is far from the top lists of most online resources and is largely unknown to a broad audience yet. However, it has all chances to become a new hit in the near future for many reasons. So, we have decided to include it in this review to give you a chance for a wise investment.

The crypto TRON is one of the largest blockchains in the world now. It boasts a really impressive throughput (a bottleneck that causes a failure of many altcoins). That of TRON is much stronger than that of BTC and Ethereum, which means that its potential for growth and expansion is immense. In addition, TRON promises vast scalability opportunities and efficiency of work with smart contracts. These advantages, coupled with a more advanced rewards distribution mechanism, make TRON a really attractive investment which traders should not ignore.

The latest TRON overview of crypto experts indicates that TRON has acquired BitTorrent. Such a commercial acquisition also adds a fair share of commercial development potential to TRON, with the benefits of applying torrent methods for file distribution across the network and their recombination for user downloading. With over 300,000 accounts to date and is included in the MainNet as one of the ERC20 tokens, TRON will surely say its word in the crypto market soon

Bitcoin Overview

People said different things about Bitcoin in 2018. Some experts promised it a fantastic rise to unprecedented heights (up to and even higher than $100,000!), while others were more pessimistic claiming that the BTC hour of triumph already passed and will never return. They both were right and wrong. No, BTC did not rise in the price and steadily lost some points throughout 2018. And no, it did not leave the list of top crypto because of its reliability, popularity, and a high degree of trust investors, traders, and miners have in it. The reasons behind such paradoxical performance may be diverse, but the main thing is that people tend to trust something they know well and to be suspicious towards everything new. So, BTC is here to stay, no matter how much it costs.

Litecoin Overview

Bitcoin or Litecoin? Though the question might have sounded weird to some of you some months ago, now it has much sense, as Litecoin is regarded to be a serious BTC alternative. Recent Litecoin news suggests that the currency has already exceeded the $3 billion market cap, which gives it a highly promising future and guarantees that it may become investors’ favorite soon. Several factors suggest an increase of LTC circulation: the total LTC supply exceeds that of BTC four times, while the time you need to spend on mining of the LTC block is four times lower than for BTC. Simple math suggests that LTC is gradually ousting BTC, and the Litecoin value may go strongly upwards sometime soon.

Cardano Overview

Cardano is quite a young crypto launched only in autumn of 2017, but it has enjoyed quickly increasing popularity throughout 2018 because of its scientific approach to the blockchain. While many altcoins are essentially about earning money, the philosophy behind Cardano creation is to make a scientifically advanced technology, the cutting-edge platform exemplifying the best opportunities of the blockchain. Cardano is powered by a team of skilled technicians and scholars who conduct field research and refine the system so that it could work best for its users.

To understand Cardano better, you may think of cryptocurrency evolution in three stages. While BTC was the first stage, Ethereum introduced smart contracts and became the second stage. Cardano is the third one – a much more technically advanced, flexible open source technology promising to resolve ETH’s bottlenecks and provide a cloudless future for blockchain. A very interesting feature of Cardano is the Proof of Stake (PoS) system that powers the new block generation process. It’s fundamentally different from the PoW system on which BTC and other major crypto coins work. However, as Cardano news suggests, the algorithm works pretty well, with Cardano developing at a promising pace and winning popularity in the crypto world.

EOS Overview

The EOS crypto is also a highly promising offspring of Ethereum that has addressed the forefather’s shortcomings and promises much more than ETH managed to give. One of the major problems that miners dealing with Ethereum faced was the need for a strong command of Solidity to develop smart contracts. EOS does not require that because of availability of user-friendly database and account management services without programming skills. Other advantages of EOS include better scalability and a fantastic community support; however, EOS cannot be mined, with an alternative system of block generation presupposing a community vote.

This is the minimum you should know about best-performing cryptocurrencies of 2018 to make sure to park your funds with the top crypto next year. Good luck in making investments that will quickly pay off!

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